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May 2014

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - May 2014
Creative Ideas that Inspire
Train your clients' bodies and minds with functional exercise classes.
Embracing the Self-Care Model
Learning about lifestyle habit formation and digital health platforms for the future health of clients is essential to personal training in the years ahead.
Sample Class: Sports Conditioning Rebounding
Help participants get a jump on their game.
A Break From Intensity
Balance hard workouts with a calming cool-down that helps participants destress and recalibrate.
Simple Group Assessment in Seconds
Begin with the basics and help participants exercise smarter, not harder.
Tribal Fitness
Win big with your staff and clients by running your business as a tribe.
Fit to Protect and Serve
Danielle knew that in order to become a successful police officer, she'd need to get fighting fit.
Invest In You At the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, August 13-17, in Anaheim, California
Make an investment in your future at the world's leading educational event for fitness pros.
Loaded Movement Training cec
Whether for Joes or pros, farmers or city dwellers, could this be the missing link in our training and conditioning programs?
Functional Fitness for Pregnancy cec
Help pregnant clients train for each trimester and the physical rigors of parenting a new baby.
Growing Yourself: Enlightened Leadership Through Personal Transformation cec
Self-knowledge and self-mastery equip us to help others more effectively.
Mother Nature’s Gym cec
Science is discovering the benefits of exercising outdoors. Here's a look at ways to add outdoor activities to exercise programming.
Metabolic Effects of HIIT cec
Studies find high-intensity interval training protects against heart disease and shows promise for improving insulin sensitivity and controlling blood pressure.
Turning Talk Into Action on Nutrition and Diet cec
Understanding the basics of nutrition communication is key to motivating clients to change the way they eat.