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May, 2013

IDEA Fitness Journal - May, 2013
Kristen Mercier
Member Since 2009 | Boston, Massachusetts
Kurt Gillon
Member Since 2009 | Atlanta, Georgia
Janet Weller, RN, CES
Member Since 1983 | Closter, New Jersey
Diane Buchta
Member Since 1989 | Del Mar, California
Renew, Recycle and Reuse Your Ideas
Use a tested system to keep your classes fresh and prevent burnout.
Corral the Kids
Keep the fun alive as you close your class with spirited, playful games.
Sample Class: Triple T
Offer students maximum results in minimum time with high-intensity interval training.
Creative Ideas that Inspire
Get members' circulation going with intense circuits and drills.
Ask the RD
I've recently noticed a number of ads touting the health benefits of sprouted grain products. Given their high cost, are they really worth the extra money?
Here's a taste of what's cooking in the nutrition world:
Personal Training for Golfers
Boost golfers’ fitness levels—and your bottom line.
The Role Model
Giving birth motivated one woman to win the fat loss battle.
Suspension Exercise for Older Adults cec
Use a multimodal approach to help aging adult clients regain key functional abilities.
How Can Exercise Help People Who Have Multiple Sclerosis? cec
Studies show mild-to-moderate workouts ease the strain of living with MS.
Nurturing a Whole-Food Habit cec
How to help wean your clients from unhealthy processed foods.
Standing Work on the Reformer cec
Practice standing work to strengthen the leg and hip muscles, improve balance and posture, and add variety to your workouts.
Addressing the Fear of Falling in Seniors cec
With older clients, trainers can benefit from understanding the “biomechanics” of fear.
Diastasis Recti: When the Abs Don’t Come Together cec
Why you should know the biomechanics of abdominal separation.