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May, 2008

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - May, 2008
Postactivation Potentiation: A Brief Review
A new strategy to optimize athletic performance.
Developing Active Listening Skills
Can you hear me now? How effective communication will enhance your career.
Mind-Body Medicine: A Balanced Approach
Dr. Herbert Benson and colleagues talk about the Relaxation Response and the current role of mind-body techniques in wellness and medical care.
A Class for Every Reason
Any excuse is a good excuse to create a fun, new format for your group exercise program.
Sample Class: Metabolic Magic
Help participants turn up the heat with strategic overload.
Tranquil Moments
Maximize the benefits hidden at the end of class by taking students beyond the traditional cool-down into a deeper state of relaxation.
Lifelong Learning
University professor Jan Schroeder, PhD, shares her school's formula for future fitness professionals' success.
Super Subbing
Turn last-minute requests to sub into golden opportunities to market yourself.
Tricks of the Trade: Q&A
How do you help clients to be “whole people” rather than simply physical beings?
Top 6 Lessons for Coaching Runners
Winning tips for winning races.
Truly Private Training
Giving clients ultimate privacy is the secret to Nicki Anderson's success.
Corporate Wellness—Programming for Profit
Both employers and employees can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including fiscal fitness.