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May, 2007

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - May, 2007
Inspired Ideas
Pull from a full bag of tricks to help members get in touch with mobility.
Sinking in Sand
Center yourself before leading others in a guided relaxation.
Meet the Future of Personal Fitness Training
Build your business with clients from the Baby Boom Generation.
Leaving a Job on Good Terms
How not to burn any bridges when it's time to say goodbye.
Optimizing RPM
Reference a variety of cadence ranges commonly used outdoors, and explore a new dimension in drill design and instruction.
The Ground-Floor Guru
By moving his studio to a busy shopping center, Bruno Bosardi has increased business and awareness.
First Steps for the Newly Certified
Now that you've received your PFT certification, what career steps do you take next?
Contraindicated Exercises Revisited
Does the research justify completely banning certain exercises from your clients' programs?
Sample Class: Sweet Sixteen
Use simple 16-count combinations to spice up your next step class.
Teaching Restorative Yoga
Learn the guiding principles that will help you provide a fully relaxing restorative yoga experience for your students.