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March 2016

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- March 2016
Willpower is not require to make health new habits.
The “Willpower Trap”
How to make changes in your life (willpower not required!).
Technology Is Infiltrating the Fitness Facility Ecosystem
Clients' growing affection for apps and devices leaves fitness facilities little choice but to embrace fitness technology.
Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions
Part 2: Public workshop translates science into actionable steps for communities.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Change up your fitness routine with these adventurous classes.
Sample Class: Primal Yoga
Add functional movement patterns to sun salutation C and give students the chance to progress their practice.
Strategic Standing
Motivate participants to transfer these three core moves to the home or office.
Technology Trends in Indoor Cycling
What's making the group ride experience better than ever?
Raising Rates
Learn how to shift your money mindset and increase your fees.
How This Trainer Helped Her Sister Lose 16 Pounds—And Keep It Off
Learn how she used an investigator's approach to help her sister lose weight.
Where the World Comes Together
2016 IDEA ® World Convention July 13-17, at L.A. LIVE.
10 Nutrition Trends to Watch
Today, consumers care more about eating for health, sustainability and optimal wellness.
Redefining the Desk Job cec
Standup desks and other alternative workstations can help clients shed the shackles of a sedentary workday. But how well do they work?
Visualization as the #1 Mental Toughness Tool cec
Practical guidelines for using imagery to improve performance.
Fight Aging With Brain Training cec
Neuroplasticity combines physical and mental exercises to strengthen brain power.
6 Simple Swaps for More Mindful Eating cec
Replace clients' mindless eating with mindless eating solutions for everyday life.