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March, 2012

IDEA Fitness Journal - March, 2012
Ask the RD cec
What are the health benefits of chia seeds?
appetizers cec
Here's a taste of what's cooking in the nutrition world:
The Psychology of Biofeedback cec
Using biofeedback tools in the training environment can help clients develop self-motivation and exercise adherence.
Sample Class: Bounce!
Recreate recess with medicine ball drills.
The Pros and Cons of Being a Hobby Instructor
Part-time status doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with lack of professionalism.
Core Strength With Kettlebells
Try these basic moves to add variety to your next class.
The Energy Balance Equation cec
To battle obesity, we must understand the mathematics of weight loss and learn to look beyond the numbers.
The Compliance Solution cec
Research shows that breaking down tasks supports the brain and makes goals easier to reach.
Tax Planning for Personal Trainer Business Owners
Understand the basics to save money on your income taxes.
Diaphragmatic Breathing & Neck Pain cec
Improving poor breathing patterns can go a long way toward helping clients excel in their physical pursuits.
Coping With Crohn’s Disease
Quality nutrition and a careful understanding of his client help Tony Cress deliver success.
Capturing the Essence of Energy for Exercise cec
Exploring the sources of power at the molecular level.
Functional Training for Mature Adults
Cody Sipe, PhD, and Dan Ritchie, PhD, nailed it.