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June 2015

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - June 2015
A Runner’s World
There's plenty of proof that people love to go the distance.
The Transformative Power of a Single Good Choice
Jonathan Ross encourages clients to turn every goal into a series of small, achievable, easily measurable actions.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
These innovative classes blend fun techniques to keep members excited about fitness.
Sample Class: Step R.I.S.E (Reinvented Interval Step Experience)
Mix up the basics and create a challenging yet user-friendly class.
Safe Stabilization
Teach core exercises that are appropriate for people who have osteoporosis.
Pregnant Instructor FAQs
What's safe to do in the studio when you're expecting?
Taking a Tech Break
Is it time for a digital detox?
How to Be an Empathetic Personal Trainer
Relying on intuition can often provide more insight than physical assessments and checklists.
Reciprocal Superset Training Burns More Calories cec
Study presents options for time-pressed clients.
Supercheap Superfoods: Optimal Nutrition on a Shoestring Budget cec
Low-income clients deserve a chance to enjoy power-packed meals. Here's how to help them out.
Tips for Working With Older Caregivers cec
Flexibility and understanding are the watchwords for fitness professionals.
The Secrets to Behavior Change: Principles and Practice cec
Let go of the need to be an “expert.” Truly listen to clients and help them create small miracles in their lives.
Mental Toughness Techniques for Peak Performance cec
Whatever their skill level, your clients and class participants will benefit from these powerful training tools.