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June, 2004

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - June, 2004
Sample Class: Cycle Circuit
Add new components to your training drills.
planning your ideal vacation
Need a break? Take time to think about what you really need from time off.
Relocation Strategies
If you moved to a new town or facility, would you have what it takes to "start over"?
Educating People Through TV, Training
Trainer Chad Marschik is constantly inspired by the positive mental attitudes of his clients.
Are You Looking for New Ideas to Motivate Your Participants?
Use these creative concepts as inspiration.
Do You Know Your Scope of Practice?
Basic guidelines to keep you safely within the boundaries of your profession.
shake it, ladies!
Can you imagine this actually passed for exercise 40 years ago?
networking for introverts
Learn how you can effectively network—even if you hate doing it!
Trends in Corporate Fitness
Is it still big business? What opportunities exist for fitness professionals?
Something for Everyone
Combination classes offer balance, cross-training and increase interest.
Activate and Stabilize
Use modified Pilates exercises in your class.
what is mind-body exercise?
Reflections on why the term is applied to some formats but not others.
Emotions & Weight Gain
Women's midlife challenges.
Triathlon Training for Real Women
A sprint-distance triathlon may be just the event your average female clients need to motivate them to reach a new fitness level.