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July, 2008

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - July, 2008
2008 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey Overview
Our annual survey sheds light on how to expand your viewpoint—but not necessarily your budget—to serve a growing and evolving clientele.
NLP: The “Soft” Science of Communication
What nuances separate the good from the great instructor or the ordinary personal trainer from the extraordinary one?
Beating Burnout
How to combat common problems that can plague your career as a personal trainer.
Fitness Forum
Your feedback, concerns and insights.
Handling Career Changes With Aplomb
Stories of fitness pros who successfully strategized career changes—and how you can do the same.
Basic Accounting Principles for Fitness Professionals
Financial terms and accounting methods that go beyond simple debits and credits.
2008 IDEA Health & Fitness Inspiration Awards™ Finalists
Celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional industry leaders.
The Spa Way of Life
If you are a team player with a passion for serving others, a spa career could be your calling.
Preventing Childhood Obesity
How can we make our programs more effective?
The New View
What does the fitness industry look like from the younger generation's perspective?
StepTube: The Next Wave?
Fitness professionals are using online video-sharing to showcase ideas, refine techniques and create an expanded community.