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July, 2005

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - July, 2005
Snapshots of Success
IDEA members’ clients and participants share how they were inspired to change their lives.
Integrate to Elevate
Use proven business strategies to identify and cultivate winning team attitudes among your group fitness staff.
Activating Plan A
IDEA Fitness Fusion-Chicago attendees answer the call.
Ai Chi for Me
A popular mind-body aquatics program cultivates life force energy worldwide.
The Pitfalls of Online Training
As your access to clientele increases, so does your exposure to legal liability.
The Future of Fitness
Is "lifestyle enhancement" the wellness balance we should help clients seek in the coming years?
Dream It, Build It, Nuture It. But Sell It?
7 steps to successfully selling your in-home personal training business.
Is the Grass Really Greener?
Exploring medical reimbursement for personal fitness trainers.