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July, 2004

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - July, 2004
Fitness Fame and Fortune
How to break into the competitive world of fitness presenting.
Take the Plunge
Move your personal training services to the pool and open a new underwater world to clients.
A Step Ahead
IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago® attendees learn tomorrow’s training concepts today.
Fitness Goes High Tech
How today's electronic gadgets are changing the face of fitness.
Ushering in the Next Generation
Four experienced program directors share strategies for shaping new group fitness instructors.
Emotional Intelligence Makes A Difference
Developing emotional competencies can be the “little bit extra” that makes ordinary fitness professionals extraordinary.
Career Metamorphosis
Discover how other fitness professionals have transformed their careers to ensure continuing success-and how you can, too!
Put On Your Game Face
Advice from the frontline can help you stay in top form so you can always give clients your best.
Taking a New Product to Market
These entrepreneurs share their 5 critical steps for a successful product launch.
Hit Those Numbers!
Motivate your personal training staff by merging management skills with coaching techniques.