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-January 2016

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal-January 2016
Peace, Love, Yoga
Help students to cultivate an inner practice.
Building Positive Client Experiences
Active listening, coaching, and helping clients to identify roadblocks to success may be more critical than your program design, says Pete McCall, MS.
Is Movement Analysis Technology a Fitness Industry Game Changer?
Sensors that measure human movement with pinpoint precision open up broad opportunities (and risks) for fitness pros.
Sample Class: Jump & Glide
Merge plyometrics with fluid strength for an intense but accessible workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Keep fitness fun for all ages with these invigorating classes.
Mind-Body Warm-Up for Boot Camp
Get your intense class off to a mindful, balanced start.
How to Develop and Use Class Themes
Flex your creativity muscles and keep attendees motivated.
Keeping Seniors Motivated
The aging of the Baby Boomers guarantees that more trainers will be working with older exercisers. Here's how to inspire them.
Business on a Budget
How to open a personal training facility on a shoestring budget.
Working With a Challenging Client
Communication, adaptation and observation are necessary elements to working with a client with myriad physical issues.
Personal Trainers: Add Power to Your Purpose
Enhance the success of your clients and your business by attending the IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute, February 25-28 in Alexandria, Virginia, or April 14-17 in Seattle.
Question of the Month cec
What do you tell your clients about consuming processed meat, red meat?
New Clues to Prevent Weight Regain
Resistance training and NEAT are key to preventing weight regain and bolstering metabolic health.
Epigenetics and Food cec
DNA does not determine our fate: Why diet and daily activities influence how genes do their jobs.
Fit Tech for Kids: Boon or Bust? cec
Experts discuss the pros and cons of integrating technology into children's exercise programming.