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January, 2011

IDEA Fitness Journal - January, 2011
IDEA Home Study (Take CEC/CEU Test Online Now!)
Test your knowledge and earn up to four continuing education credits/units.
Ask the RD
Why do I get so sleepy after I eat? Should I be concerned about this?
happy exerciser
Fitness Motivation Research and Reality cec
Reasons and strategies for exercise adherence.
From Cancer Survivor to Figure Competitor
Domenick Salvatore uses resources and determination to help a cancer survivor achieve her fitness goal.
Profiting From Fitness Retreats
Organize moneymaking workout getaways to increase client satisfaction.
2010 IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report
Our biennial representation of wages and benefits in the fitness industry reveals ebb and flow during times of economic uncertainty.
Educate the Parent, Empower the Young Athlete cec
Here are answers to the top five frequently asked questions about youth sports development.
Fueling Athletes for Training and Competition cec
Nutrition recommendations for before, during and after workouts or competitive events.
Sample Class: Short Circuits
Use simple circuits for a no-nonsense challenge.
Instructors With Class
Reignite your passion for teaching by attending someone else’s class.
Get This Body Started
Warm up group strength participants by using readily available “equipment” —their own bodies.
Blog to Connect
Use the power of blogs to extend your engagement with customers.