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Fitness Journal
– February 2009

IDEA Fitness Journal - February, 2009
The Philippine Perspective
Aspects of Philippine culture are displayed as talented dancers show off different dances to visitors.
Electric Exercises
Be motivated by what others are doing to jazz up their schedules.
Sample Class:Roll With It, Baby!
Use the foam roller in creative, progressive ways for a full class.
Man running high-speed
The Three Metabolic Energy Systems
How you get metabolic energy and how you use it.
Tricks of the Trade
As a personal trainer, do you teach group boot camp classes? Why?
Personal Trainer Certification
A look at the current status of accreditation, certification and licensure.
Concentrate and Connect
Use this mind-body cool-down in your class.
Game On!
How to incorporate video games into a client’s workout.
Get Up to Speed With Group
Personal trainers who lead small groups and boot camps refine their skills by taking cues from the group fitness realm.
Pilates Workout: The Magic Circle
Coming “full circle” with Pilates programming.