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Fitness Journal
 December 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- December 2017
Best Apps for Creating Images and Videos on Social Media
Polished, professional-looking imagery helps your social posts grab attention and makes people more inclined to share.
Lessons From 40 years of Dietary Guidelines for Americans cec
Evolution of the DGA reflects advances in nutrition science and shifts in the nation's dietary habits.
Getting Better at Recovery cec
Research supports many of today's popular recovery strategies, while pointing to new discoveries for improving individual and team sports in the future.
Alzheimer’s and the Joy of Exercise cec
Creative exercise ideas for older adults with Alzheimer's disease.
Protecting the Aging Brain cec
Research confirms that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to preserving cognitive functions and potentially staving off dementia.
Sample Class: Cardio-Strength Circuit
Give participants a creative and effective fitness sampler.
Protein Supplements: Which “Whey” to Go? cec
Understanding the differences between major animal- and plant-based protein supplements.
Control Your Moods, Achieve Your Goals cec
A practical guide to keeping emotions in check so you get results.
Understanding Overeating cec
Research says it's time to stop pushing willpower and start asking why clients eat too much.
Shoulder Pain and Injury Prevention cec
These exercises can help your clients build strength, prevent damage and ease pain in their shoulder joints.
When Eating Isn’t Simple cec
Understand the differences between eating disorders and disordered eating, and learn what you can do to support clients.
Mindful or Mind Full?
Techniques to help clients reduce daily distractions.
Hit the Hips!
Prepare an often-underappreciated area of the body for intense activity.
The Importance of Introductory Offers
Attract new clients with a low-cost initial program.
The Functional Movement Screen and Active Older Clients cec
By identifying asymmetries, this assessment can help older exercisers avoid falls and lead healthier, more active lives.
9 Ways to Elevate the Group Fitness Experience
The next time you head to class with a great playlist and program, think about how to make your attendees feel.
“Detoxing” Requires Guts!
Good food and hydration, plus the human body's built-in detox brilliance, promote the optimal digestion and absorption at the core of your clients' nutritional fitness.
From Stroke to Strength cec
Helping stroke survivors means tapping into the brain's natural rewiring process.