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December 2009

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - December 2009
Creating Your Own Educational DVD
Discover the five steps to producing a new revenue generator.
Muscle Activity and Body Position
Do slight changes in body position affect muscle activity?
Handling Career Changes With Aplomb
Stories of fitness pros who successfully strategized career changes—and how you can do the same.
Preventing Childhood Obesity
How can we make our programs more effective?
Pilates and Breast Cancer: Rebuilding the Foundation
A two-phase Pilates program helps breast cancer survivors regain function.
Physiology Refresher
When was the last time you brushed up on a few basics about the human body?
How to Finance a New Fitness Studio
Create a business plan that will have investors lining up to fund your start-up fitness venture.
Cohesive Training Courts New Instructors
Theresa Stelly, director of Pilates for Spectrum Clubs of Santa Barbara, shares the finer points of mentor programs.
Assessing the Lactate Threshold
You can now accurately pinpoint a client's lactate threshold in a practical and lab-free manner.
The Art of Play
Use your knowledge and expertise to let the kid in you come out and teach.
Stay Seated!
Use the cool-down to bond with cycling participants while creating community and building retention.
Could You Be a Cybertrainer?
Find out how to use Internet tools to add value to your business.
Sample Class: Athletic Boot Camp
Challenge participants with fun skills and drills using kettlebells, steps and other equipment.
Writing on Health and Fitness
Want to enhance your career? Use this practical approach to authoring articles.