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December, 2007

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - December, 2007
Going From Foodie to RD
How to beef up your fitness resum├® with a formal nutrition education and a professional license.
Would you ever turn down a new client for training?
Q & A section with experts discussing common challenges trainers face.
The Scoop on Running Injuries
Help runners to avoid common injures—and to cope with them when they do occur.
Postpartum Exercise
A targeted exercise program and proper body mechanics can help new moms deal with the physical challenges of motherhood.
“Mean Irene” and Her Talented Trainees
Peace officers, youth athletes and “high-risk” college students make up a well-rounded spectrum of clients for Irene Lewis-McCormick.
Body Circuit
You don't need equipment to teach intense intervals.
Yoga Boom!
Teach yoga to the Boomer masses one by one—and multiply your profits.
Building the Bridge: A Career in Medical Fitness
Discover how you can become part of an exciting movement in the industry.
Screening With Meaning
Put all prospective instructors through a detailed hiring and auditioning process before offering them a job.
Happy, Healthy Holidays
Give your clients the best gift of all by sharing these strategies for surviving the season without gaining weight!
Franchising Your Fitness Business cec
As fitness professionals seek exciting ways to grow their business, franchising is making its mark in the industry.
Focus and Rhythm
Draw from your personal passions when designing a program.
Flex & Relax
A mind-body cool-down perfectly caps almost any class.
Bridging the Great Career Divide
What it takes to span the two worlds of personal training and group exercise.