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Fitness Journal
 April 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- April 2017
The “New” Knee Ligament, Rediscovered
A pearly band by any other name may still serve a purpose.
Fitness Technology That Shakes Things Up
These gadgets at the annual Consumer Electronics Show could disrupt the fitness scene.
The Best of Times Are Yet to Come
Anytime Fitness® CEO Chuck Runyon views "heartpower"—a blend of listening, empathy, motivation and personalized coaching—as key to the industry's success in the next 15 years.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Help clients push past plateaus with classes that challenge and invigorate.
The Tabata-Inspired Water Workout
Take intensity to the water.
3 Steps to Help Clients Unplug
Use the warmup to create a bridge from digital distraction to full, present engagement.
Why Cross-Train Flexibility?
Educate participants about the need to diversify their stretching routines.
The 4-Step Marketing Funnel to Attract New Clients
Discover a targeted client-attraction system that provides results.
Overcoming the Fear of Change
Taking on a new client is always a challenge—especially when that client is used to working with another personal trainer.
The Foundation of a Fulfilling Future
The 2017 IDEA® World Convention heads to Las Vegas, July 19–23.
Eyes on the PRISE
Diet Quality Improves Fitness Among the Fittest
Getting the Facts on Fatigue cec
Fatigue's impact on performance has generated a wealth of research. Here's a quick overview of the physiology of fatigue.
5 Ways Pilates Can Benefit Athletic Clients cec
Recreational athletes have a lot to gain from adding Pilates to their training programs.
The Big Payoff to Better Posture cec
Optimal alignment can improve clients' lives in many unexpected ways—if you can convince people to mind their posture outside the gym. Here's how to do it.
The Physiology of Sprint Interval Training cec
An original study offers practical applications for HIIT programming.
Fit to Survive cec
A five-pronged plan to help your clients survive a calamity, fight off stress, and stay happy and healthy.