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April, 2013

IDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2013

Mac Dodds

Member Since 2006 | Lafayette, California

Meet People Where They Are

Melinda M. Manore, PhD, RD, CSSD, FACSM, shares thoughts on improving our diets and on reducing the risks of chronic diseases through the power of nutrition and movement.

Doing the Impossible

After several surgeries, Jeff was told he would never fight again. His doctors were wrong.

Ask the RD cec

I was recently shopping at a natural food store and noticed jars of coconut oil sharing a shelf with the extra-virgin olive oil. I thought coconut oil contained high amounts of saturated fat and was considered an artery clogger. Has this oil reinvented itself?

Dynamic Duos cec

It’s just good chemistry: Some foods do the body much more good when they work as a pair.