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April, 2012

IDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2012
Spreading the Word About Pilates and MELT
Using technology to connect with clients and fellow fitness pros.
Dynamic Group Reformer Harmony
Maximize efficiency and enjoyment by offering a Pilates reformer class that flows smoothly.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Challenge participants to reach their personal best with classes that cater to their needs and goals.
Sample Class: Flash Mob Dance!
Turn up the volume on fun with these simple, inspiring moves.
Rhythmic Water Warm-Up
This dynamic approach will get your aquatic exercise participants moving, energized and ready to work.
The Core of Creativity
To draw in participants and help them succeed, go back to basics and refine how you communicate.
The Late Bloomer
Kurt Gillon’s 67-year-old client decides it’s time to focus on his health and fitness.
Ask the RD
Question: What is the Paleo Diet, and is it considered a healthy eating plan?
Here’s a taste of what’s cooking in the nutrition world:
Fat Burning Update
What science says on the latest claims about weight loss supplements.
Are Plant Sterols Important to My Diet?
How small amounts of certain foods can reduce cholesterol.
Whole-Body Strength Training Using Myofascial Lines
Eight practical keys to understanding and training connective tissue.
Whole-Body Training: Warding Patterns
Reinforce how the body’s various systems “share responsibility” for producing stable motion with maximal efficiency.
Compassion and Consideration for Curves
Some easily implemented strategies for working with larger clients will make you a more effective professional.