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April, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - April, 2006
The Two-Trainer Theory
Barbi and Scott Jackson transformed business woes into business success.
Spin the Globe
Here's a peek into what's popular in other areas of the fitness world.
Yoga for Kids
Yoga may be more than 5,000 years old, but these days it's getting younger.
Repetitive Stress Injury: The Upper Trapezius
Whether your clients are sports participants, musicians or simply casual computer users, they may suffer from upper trapezius pain.
Injury Prevention: Boot Camp
Use common sense and clear cuing when designing and teaching these popular drill-based classes.
Working With Celebrities
Discover the nuts and bolts of training high-profile clients.
Show Dynamo
IDEA presenter Patrick Goudeau draws crowds with his contagious energy and inventive professionalism.
Fitness for All
Apply for fitness grants and create accessible programs to reach lower-income clients.
The Power of Journaling
Written reflections help you to gain perspective on your past and to maximize your future.
The “Perform or Create” Continuum…
Do prechoreographed formats help instructors achieve consistency or instead stifle their creativity? The answer may be a little bit of both.
Gaining Weight the Right Way
If your goal is to add pounds, eating all you want is not the answer.