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Fitness Journal
– Winter 2022

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Woman looking in mirror at body image in menopause


Young girl exercising as training for youth


The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Ex Rx: Training for Everyday Athletes

Using the elements that drive superior athletic performance—strength, speed, agility and power—can enhance programs for everyday athletes who are looking to up their game.


Hourglass with salt measuring sodium intake

Food For Thought

Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


Person covering face and coping with grief

Inner IDEA: Coping With Grief During COVID-19

For the past few years, it hasn’t been “business as usual” for many fitness professionals. Three experts in mental and physical wellness share how to not just “go” through grief but “grow” through it—and help others do the same.

Recovery: Training Muscles for Joint Stability

Small, deep muscles around a joint are key to its dynamic stability and safety, but clients may not train them enough. Here’s why those muscles matter in recovery and how to work them every day.


Fitness tech stack


Man journaling

Inside Outside: Journaling Prompts

We’re tapping into the rich content of our sister brands to connect you to a vast world of fresh takes on fitness and wellness. This month, we find balance with Yoga Journal