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Fitness Journal
 September 2018

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - September 2018
Strong Starts
A unique and intentional warmup prepares participants for the physical and psychological challenges of the workout.
Strength Ladder
Overload every major muscle group and keep people fully engaged.
How to Help Participants Find Flow
Use tested techniques to get your classes “in the zone.”
An Eye on Vision Health
Don't blink before reading some interesting ocular facts.
The Group Dynamic
What happens when a personal trainer challenges his clients to take on a Spartan® race?
Understanding Soy Safety
Soy products contain compounds called phytoestrogens, which provide a wealth of health benefits—and a few potential risks.
2018 IDEA® World Convention: An Epic Explosion
More than 14,000 pros from over 50 countries united for fitness, function, nourishment and behavior change.
Wearable Heart Rate Trackers: Which Works Best? cec
A study explores the accuracy of five wearable heart rate trackers that use optical sensors.
Tennis: Reduce Pain, Improve Performance cec
Increasing hip rotation can help a client add power and lessen injury risk.
Question of the Month cec
Dieting in the Fast Lane
To Grow Healthier, Happier Adults, Raise Fit Kids cec
How fitness pros can encourage a new generation of healthy young people.