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Fitness Journal
 May 2018

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - May 2018
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Unexpected fusions and inclusive programming give these classes an extra jolt of innovative energy.
Sample Class: Mindful Restoration and Recovery
Help participants optimize training with a recovery workout.
How (and Why) to Host a Family-Themed Indoor Cycling Class
Gear up for the perfect mix of fun, fitness and family friendliness.
Facilitated Flexibility
Introduce your students to the benefits of stretching with a strap.
The Subtalar Joint: An Important Link in the Kinetic Chain
Educate clients about the importance of ankle mobility and function.
Corporate Fitness Evolves
Broader perspective on workplace wellness creates new opportunities for fitness and wellness professionals.
Mental training
Center of Attention: 4 Strategies for High-Intensity Mental Training cec
Do you place enough emphasis on enhancing your clients' focus? Building concentration can improve performance and lead to behavioral changes that will help exercisers achieve their goals.
Get Your Business Out of Debt in Three Steps
Use these simple steps to eradicate your debt and live the life you've dreamed of.
Best Foot Forward
A little boy with club feet inspires in a big way.
Where Your Career Goes From Great to EPIC
The IDEA® World Convention Returns To San Diego, June 27–July 1.
Health at Every Size: A Sound Approach to Behavior Change cec
Dieting has failed us. Let's try another solution for obesity and chronic disease.
Walking Speed: A Powerful Predictor of Functional Health cec
Studies explain why brisk walking can improve the health of older exercisers.
Two Research-Based Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day cec
Two studies reveal surprising benefits from specific types of leg exercise.