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Fitness Journal
– March-April 2021

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Causes of inflammation
Inflammation: Obesity, Diabetes, Aging and Exercise
Common causes of chronic inflammation—and what you can do about it.

The Essential Role of Fitness and Physical Activity: Hope for the Future
From a world of disruption, fitness professionals can emerge as leaders in the next evolution of health and well-being.


Resistance training for VO2Max
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Research: 5 Resistance Training Workouts That Improve VO2max
Research shows the important relationship between maximal oxygen consumption and cardiometabolic health—and circuit weight training can help.

Functional Aging: Effects of Aging on the Neuromuscular System
Physiological changes to the neuromuscular system are a normal part of aging, but they can affect the human movement system in ways we’re not used to.

Client Success: The Mom Code
Working with teenagers brings special challenges—and spectacular joys.


Exercise and appetite
Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


Tape box workout
Class Takeout: Sample Class: Tape-Box Workout
Create and teach individual “blocks” of intensity.

Ebb: Stretches After Sitting All Day
Lead cooldown stretches that take increased screen time and sitting into account.

Skills & Drills: Cycling Class Connection
How do instructors get students in the zone?

Recovery: Turn Up Mindful Exercise to Turn Down Stress
Amplify the tension-taming benefits of exercise with these tips for raising physical and mental awareness in your sessions.


2021 IDEA World Virtual
Editor's Letter: Is Fitness Essential?

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Meet a Team Member: Sarah Kolvas
Get to know IDEA's associate editor, Sarah Kolvas.

IDEA Body Lab: Breaking Down Salivary Glands
Learn more about what makes your mouth water.

Fitness Handout: Make Better Nutrition a Lifestyle
Motivate yourself to eat more healthfully.