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Fitness Journal
 March 2019

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - March 2019
Get to Know the Gallbladder
This storage pouch sitting beneath the liver serves a helpful, though not essential, purpose in digestion.
Don’t Let Bad Moods Sabotage You
Feeling anxious, fatigued, unhappy, or uncertain? These tips will help you overcome the negative emotions that interfere with your exercise and nutrition plans.
Meet an IDEA Team Member!
Get to know our Executive Managing Editor of Publications, Kate Watson.
Person using self-care massage and self-massage tools for recovery
Self-Care Massage Tools for Recovery
Navigate options to find the best massage tools to help you and your clients with recovery.
Sample Class: Cycle & Strength
For the best outcome, use this sample cycling class to teach resistance training off the bike.
Plank Variations
Add spice to the plank with some twists on this core exercise.
The Instructor-or-Influencer Challenge: Social Media and Fitness Instructors
Are you being judged on your social media savvy and presence? See how social media is influencing the evaluation and perception of fitness instructors.
Ignite Your Passion and Watch Your Career Thrive at the 2019 IDEA® World Convention
IDEA World Convention®, the most powerful fitness industry event in the world, lands in Anaheim, California, June 26-30.
Inspiring Functionality
An 80-year-old client with MS? Perfect!
Helping Clients Enjoy the Taste and Culture of Food cec
Coaching clients to embrace the tastes and textures of new food and to practice mindful eating can help them reach their nutrition goals with less focus on fad diets and calorie counting.
Seniors trained for travel.
Fit to Travel: Exercises for Seniors cec
Get your older adult clients ready for the rigors of tourism and active vacations with these training tips and pre-travel exercises.
Peak Neuromuscular Power for Your Athlete Clients cec
These training tips will help sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes deliver maximal neuromuscular power.
Recipe for Health: Chicken Spelt Salad With Blueberry Vinaigrette
Chicken Spelt Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette: A fresh opportunity to get more antioxidants into your life.
Ask The RD: E. coli and Lettuce?
How do we get E. coli from lettuce, and how can we prevent it?
Why Hydration Should Be on Your Mind cec
Research points to a link between dehydration and mental performance.
The World Needs More Fruits And Vegetables
But we don't have the capacity to grow as much as we need.
Diet Can Fight The Effect Of Fat Genes
A genetic predisposition for obesity isn't carved in stone.
Question Of The Month cec
Is cereal clickbait for you? Share your thoughts on buying groceries online.
Hashtag-Worthy Foods
Avocado, almonds, blueberries, quinoa and kale score big with the social media crowd.
Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked To Better Fitness cec
Study notes muscle cells have vitamin D receptors.
Go Fish To Nourish A Baby Bump
Why pregnant moms should envision eating more fish.
5 Ways to Eat to Beat Diabetes cec
Here's a look at five science-backed tactics for using diet to control diabetes risk.
Top Burger Chains Get Failing Marks on Antibiotics
Only 2 of 25 national chains have strong policies on antibiotics in sourced beef, report finds.
Can’t Resist the Cookie Jar? Blame the Makeup of Your Brain cec
MRI scans find clues to links between self-control and the mechanics of the mind.
Crunch Your Way to a Six-Pack
Nuts have a wealth of diet value, despite being high in calories.
IDEA Member Spotlight
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few idea members who stand out in the crowd.
Question Of The Month: Physical Activity Classes in College?
Are you training college students on campus?
College Physical Activity Classes cec
Should colleges require students to take physical activity classes?
Sitting Is Not the New Smoking cec
The popular slogan comparing inactivity to smoking is misleading.
Body Image And Social Media cec
New findings show negative impact among young women.
Resistance Exercise and Heart Health
Building muscle can reduce heart disease risks.
Most Adults Misjudge Their Physical Activity Levels
Are your clients over- or underestimating their activity?
Three people sitting in meditation.
Growth in Yoga and Meditation Practice cec
More Americans turn to mind-body activities.
New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans cec
New HHS guidelines urge all Americans to move more.