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Fitness Journal
– July-August 2021

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Compassionate coaching
How to Develop Compassionate Coaching
Use this scientific look at the personality traits associated with compassion to integrate them into your wellness coaching every day.

Digital Fitness Lessons With Impact
If you’re not studying larger, slicker digital models to enhance your offerings, you are missing a critical moment to borrow from the best, improve the rest and increase your impact on fitness.

Great Workouts From Around the World
Travel the globe to find evidence-based training programs that will transport your clients to greater success.

Sell Mental Health and Wellness, Not Exercise
A global mental health crisis looms. How can fit pros adapt their offerings to provide a needed boost?

The Power of First Impressions
Learn verbal and nonverbal ways to convey warmth and competence.


An older woman doing resistance band training
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.


Food from vegan diets
Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.