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Fitness Journal
 July 2019

Exercise and Pain: Teaching Clients to Follow the Signs
Learn how to determine when it's safe to continue a workout and when to stop exercising if pain arises, so you can help your clients do the same.
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Kelly Nakai
Get to know our Director of Marketing & Promotions, Kelly Nakai.
Getting to the Bottom of the Piriformis
Learn about the deep-seated muscle that helps steady your hips.
Embracing Health at Every Size
This weight-neutral approach to health encourages positive behavior change.
Break Up a Sedentary Day With Active Standing
Research shows that standing is not enough; movement is the key to client gains.
Two of a Kind
A trainer and client share the struggle in overcoming Lyme disease.
Why You Need a Client Avatar
Create a virtual blueprint for success by pinpointing your raving fans and helping them reach their goals.
Not So Fast: Questions to Ask Before You Accept That Fitness Class
If you want to teach group fitness as a career, take the hiring process seriously.
Help Your Clients Move Better. Free Courses.
Too much sitting equals lazy glutes. Take this free course and learn to activate them.
Recipe for Health: Mediterranean Lentil Sandwiches
Here's a chance to enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.
Ask the RD: Farmed or Wild Fish for Nutrition Value?
Exploring the nutritional benefits of wild and farmed fish.
July 2019 Question of the Month: Eggs and Cholesterol
Should we think of eggs as a heart attack on a plate, or is this study not all it's cracked up to be?
Low-Carb May Not Be Heart Friendly
Research suggests hearts beat better with carbs.
How Much Fiber Should We Eat to Stay Healthy? cec
Most people aren't getting nearly enough.
Social Media May Sway Kids to Eat More Junk
Pictures speak loudly when video influencers scoop up sweets.
Take the Steam Out of Tea Time cec
Lower the heat to cool down risk of cancer.
Smartphones Could Aid Weight Loss
It's a good kind of tracking app.
Millennials Have the Biggest Appetite for Organic
Younger parents want to know where their food comes from.
There Is Power in Protein for Older Adults cec
Study finds the formula to keep muscle while losing body fat.
Fast Food Is as Fattening as Ever cec
More calories, larger portions and expanding waistlines accompany new menu items.
Using Canada’s Plate Model for Food Guidelines
Whole foods, home cooking, and lots of veggies and fruit make for a healthy diet.
IDEA Member Spotlight: July 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few idea members who stand out in the crowd.
Breast Cancer Survivors and Group Exercise cec
What kind of physical activity is most beneficial?
July 2019 Question of the Month: Welcome Programs
Tell us how your facility converts new members to regulars.
Once-Weekly Strength Training for Older Adults cec
Study shows multiple health benefits from weekly whole-body training.
Location Affects Fitness Activity Choice cec
Report includes virtual training for the first time.
Training Needed by Army National Guard
New fitness test means opportunities for fitness pros.
Pushups and Heart Health cec
Can you do at least 40 pushups?
Wearables Market Trends
“Hearables” help to drive growth in healthcare tracking.
Americans Enjoy Fitness More Than Sports cec
Use equipment and take your sessions outside.
Analyze Today’s Hot Button Issues in Nutrition cec
When opinions, beliefs and science collide, emotions can heat up around nutrition debates. Cool down the conversation by balancing opinions with facts.
The Food-Inflammation Connection cec
A more plant-centered diet helps to boost immunity and control inflammatory responses that raise the risk of chronic disease.