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Fitness Journal
 January-February 2020

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Training for happiness
Training Happy for Positive Behavioral Change
To keep clients’ New Year’s motivation going strong all year, scientists have a surprising suggestion: don’t focus on getting them to exercise harder. Help them exercise happier. Here’s why—and how.

6 Ways to Become a More Effective and Successful Personal Trainer
Here are just some of the tools you’ll take home from the 2020 IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute in Alexandria, Virginia, March 5–8.


Mechanics and programming for shoulder health
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Ex Rx: Shoulder the Load: Mechanics and Programming for Shoulders
Understand basic shoulder mechanics and learn how to program a routine that will enhance your clients’ performance and durability.

Research: Resistance Training for Older Adults: New NSCA Position Stand
Evidence-based program design for strong results.

Add Competition to Boost Benefits of Wearables
Fun competition increases physical activity.

Client Success: Slow and Steady Wins the Gains
A client’s history of stagnation meets a dedicated trainer with foresight.

4 Genetic Profiles That Influence Fitness Results SPONSORED
Help your clients know about their genetic disposition and build the programming specifically tailored for them.


Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.

Nutrition: FODMAP Gut Check: Test Your Knowledge
For some people, foods generally deemed “healthy” can cause digestive distress bad enough to derail workouts. Here’s what fitness and health coaches need to know.


Group fitness instructor self-care
Skills & Drills: Prevent Injuries for Longevity and Fun
Fitness instructors share their self-care strategies.

Class Takeout: Sample Class: Barre Fight
Combine two winning formats into one total-body blast!

Ignite: Mentally Prepared to Move
Use social media and active engagement at the start of class to get participants in the right mindset.

HELP! I Can’t Meditate… I’ve Tried SPONSORED
Wish you could benefit from meditation but believe it’s not possible for your busy mind?


Resistance training and weight loss
Fitness Handout: Resistance Training and Weight Loss
Learn how to use resistance training for weight loss.

Editor's Letter: Resolution Revolution: Train Happy!

IDEA Body Lab: The Mighty Mitochondria
Learn more about the microscopic batteries that power your cells.

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Meet a Team Member: Calvin La
Get to know our senior inspired service specialist Calvin La.