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Fitness Journal
 April 2019

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Matt Taylor
Get to know our Events Operation Manager, Matt Taylor.
Hyped on the Hypothalamus
This tiny hormonal powerhouse packs a big punch.
Simple Exercises to Improve Posture
Use these exercises to help achieve an instant postural adjustment.
Sample Class: Let’s Have a Ball!
Lead a fun and challenging total-body workout.
Warm Up With Rhythm
Kick off your next class with a dance-inspired intro.
No-Equipment Outdoor Workouts
Switch up your indoor classes and inspire your participants to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
The Key to a Prolific Career
Gain knowledge and inspiration at the 2019 IDEA World Convention in Anaheim, June 26-30.
Fit for Change
A transformative fitness journey for both trainer and client.
You Are How You Sleep: The Cost of Sleep Deprivation cec
What you and your clients are missing due to lack of sleep every night.
More Paths to Exercise Recovery cec
High-intensity exercises place a premium on alternative recovery options for rest, healing and growth to avoid overtraining.
The Mobile Health Map: Exploring Telehealth cec
Why telehealth will inspire your clients—and your business—to transform.
Weight Training and Diabetes cec
Why resistance exercise may be the key to fighting type 2 diabetes.
Carbohydrate Controversy: “Good” Sugars vs. “Bad” Sugars? cec
Carbs are the engines of energy, and the “good” sugars from plant-based carbs supply the fuel.
IDEA Member Spotlight: April 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
Question of the Month: April 2019
Training programs and exercise enjoyment?
Creating Enjoyable Training Programs cec
Should we modify FITT principles to get better results?
The State of Metabolic Health
Public health is trending toward poor health outcomes.
Deep Breathing and Mental Clarity cec
New findings show breathing exercises and attention are linked.
The Benefits of Plyometrics in the Water
Aquatic jump training improves land-based athletic performance.
The Link Between “Tip-of-the-Tongue State” and Cardio Training
More cardio may equal improved language skills.
Kids’ Inactivity: A Global Crisis cec
Is it time for a worldwide playtime to increase physical activity among children?
Children Have Natural Muscle Endurance cec
Metabolic reasons why kids really do have tireless energy.
More Sleep vs. More Exercise cec
Is sleep more beneficial for health than exercise?