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September 2012

Digital IDEA Fitness Journal - September 2012
Increasing Her Visibility
“DC’s Toughest Trainer” uses IDEA FitnessConnect to reach new clients and companies.
Finding Contentment With Your Body and Your Yoga
The real purpose of practicing asanas is to learn about ourselves, not to achieve perfection.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Market your wellness message with strategic programming options.
Sample Class: Core Conditioning Camp
Add a stability challenge to your boot camp.
Bring on the ’Bells!
Prepare class for the physiological demands of kettlebell training.
Helping New Clients Avoid Buyer’s Remorse
How to increase a new client’s belief in you and the value of your services.
Focus on Function
Through careful instruction and thoughtful exercise, Valentin helps her client improve physical independence.
Qualities of Top Teachers cec
Engage and encourage your clients and students. Make them hungry for more!
Ask the RD cec
Question: Is trans fat still bad if it comes from natural sources?
Eating out healthy
Navigating Restaurant Menus cec
How to help clients make healthier choices when eating out.
Effective Verbal Feedback for Older Clients cec
How to factor the effects of aging into how you talk clients through their exercises.
The Happiness Factor, Part Two cec
Learn how to overcome the brain's negativity bias and help your clients move toward joy.
Turning Runners Into Racers cec
Competitive running requires specific techniques to avoid injury while building speed and endurance.