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Join AFAA at THE BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR FOR FITNESS PROFESSIONALS! Advance your fitness knowledge and wheelhouse by choosing from over 250 educational sessions in fitness programming, group fitness, exercise science, nutrition, social media engagement, revitalized business solutions, and much more.

AFAA Professionals receive an exclusive $20 discount! Use code AFAA20 at checkout. Register by June 16, 2023, for a total savings of $120.

Obtain all the CECs you need to recertify while having the time of your life at IDEA® World, July 12-16, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA.

You won't want to miss these AFAA/NASM sessions, plus over 250 more:


  • Training Techniques

Balance Training: The Hardest Exercises You're NOT Doing by NASM

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 204 • Workout

Presented by Rick Richey, DHSc

Whether you're an athlete or an octogenarian, balance training is a significant addition to training protocols. Its ability to help increase foot/ankle and hip stability and strength, as well as its applications to sport and life, makes it a valuable addition to every workout. However, balance training is often overlooked in application because it hasn't been thought of as challenging enough. Join 2022 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Rick Richey for an appropriately intense workout that will open your eyes to the many benefits—and challenges—of balance training. 


  • Training Techniques

Creative Core Moves with Small Balls by NASM

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 244 • Workshop

Presented by Angie Miller, MS, LCMHC

Small balls are a light, versatile training tool designed for clients of all ages and abilities and are a great addition to one-on-one, small-group and large-group training sessions. They help build body awareness by increasing balance challenges and dynamically stabilizing and strengthening the core. Come to this workshop to learn small ball core moves that build in intensity and complexity and can be mixed and matched for endless variety. You'll learn creative cuing techniques and modifications that make these moves a perfect addition to any training protocol. 


  • Training Techniques

The Frightening Facts Behind Sedentary Behaviors by NASM

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 293 • Lecture

Presented by Rick Richey, DHSc

Sitting is not quite the new smoking, but sedentary lifestyles and smoking have much in common regarding morbidity and early mortality. Research shows that being sedentary throughout the day is so bad for you that even a daily hour-long workout won’t save you from many chronic diseases if you are inactive for the other 23 hours! In this session, we will review the research on being sedentary and how lifestyle changes beyond—and sometimes instead of—an hour in the gym can help save so many of our clients, family and loved ones from pathologies rooted in being rooted to our chairs. 


  • Group Exercise

All Around Core by NASM

July 14, 2023 7:30am • Session 417 • Workshop

Presented by Linda Magee, MA

Are you looking for some new ideas for your core work? Look no further! This session features exercises that train all three planes and the local and global muscular systems. The phrase "stabilize before you mobilize" is often used in terms of movement. That's our focus. With small equipment, get ready to learn and experience fresh stability and mobility movements to use with every client or class participant.


  • Training Techniques

Are You Sure You're Speaking Their Language? by NASM

July 14, 2023 9:40am • Session 456 • Lecture

Presented by Maurice Williams, MS

Clear communication between the fit-pro and the client is essential. It is a science that comes with experience. However, inadequate communication can lead to a variety of pitfalls. In this session, we discuss the proper forms of communication like verbal cuing, augmented feedback and auditory learning to avoid disconnects. You will leave this session with practical examples of communication that prevent confusion and frustration within the relationship. 


  • Nutrition & Behavior Change

Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness Strength Training by NASM

July 14, 2023 2:30pm • Session 527 • Lecture

Presented by Angie Miller, MS, LCMHC

Our level of emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in our personal and professional relationships. When we build our emotional intelligence skills, we can better make sound decisions, manage stress, regulate our emotions and overcome adversity. Building emotional intelligence is equivalent to self-awareness strength training, and that's what this session is all about. You'll gain personal insight, learn the core competencies of emotional intelligence and walk away with healthy strategies to communicate effectively with others. 


  • Mind-Body

Pilates for Superior Posture by NASM

July 14, 2023 2:30pm • Session 535 • Workshop

Presented by Linda Magee, MA

This session is for active participants with poor posture. Keeping one’s posture in good form is vital for activities of daily living, proficient functional movements and athletic performance. Find how Pilates exercises help correct postural imbalances, strengthen underactive muscles and increase the flexibility of overactive muscles. Learn a systematic approach to cuing your participants to be taller and more capable versions of themselves.


  • Training Techniques

Easy-Peasy Program Design for the Fit Pro by NASM

July 15, 2023 7:30am • Session 616 • Lecture

Presented by Maurice Williams, MS

As a newly certified fitness trainer, it is easy to become overwhelmed with everything you need to do and know to get started. One common concern is developing client exercise programs that you feel are safe and effective. If you struggle with program design, this session is for you. You will learn a step-by-step process that will assist you in building ability-appropriate programs for all your clients. From warm-up/movement prep to the cool-down, this plug-and-play system will eliminate your anxieties about whether your clients have the correct programming. 

Receive an additional 4 CECs by attending this AFAA Pre-Event Intensive:

(Additional fee required)

Group Exercise

104 Introduction to Group Fitness Instruction the AFAA Way! Sponsored by AFAA®

July 12, 2023 8:00am • Session 104 • Workshop

Presented by Lisa J. Hamlin

  • Pricing
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  • Regular 149

Group Exercise

104 Introduction to Group Fitness Instruction the AFAA Way! Sponsored by AFAA®

July 12, 2023 8:00am • Session 104 • Workshop

Presented by Lisa J. Hamlin

4-hour course

Group exercise is an exciting profession that continues to evolve. Today, group fitness instructors teach various classes, including dance-based, group resistance training, indoor cycling, step, HIIT programs, yoga, Pilates, boot camp style workouts, circuit training, aquatics training, and more. While instructing each of these formats requires specific skills, the skills inherent in generalized group instruction remain the same.

Chock full of valuable information, this pre-event intensive offers the "why" and the "how to" behind teaching safe and effective group fitness classes. No matter the format, you will learn how to design a class from beginning to end, select exercises for the format, offer modifications for all levels, select and use music and more!

Whether you are a newly certified group fitness instructor or interested in earning a certification, you'll want to take advantage of this 4-hour preconference workshop!

Participants will be able to:

•Identify and understand the role and characteristics of a successful group fitness instructor
•Apply exercise selection, evaluation and modification techniques using the AFAA 5 Questions™ and Exercise Continuum
•Select exercises that are safe, target all major muscles and supply the results your students desire
•Expand your choreography base and open your mind to creativity by exploring various movement options
•And more

All participants will receive an IDEA Certificate of Completion.

Additional Fee Applies