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Education Sessions

Day 1: Thursday, July 13

Take advantage of more than 250 workshops, lectures, workouts, and experiences created to help you solve the problems you face and build a career that thrives. From exercise program design and social media marketing to new group fitness trends and online business solutions, there is plenty of in-depth and insightful content to be delivered by the most innovative presenters in the business.


  • Group Exercise

Boxing & Barbells: Tabata

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 200 • Workout

Presented by Cary Williams

Combine the technical skills of boxing with Tabata-style bodyweight conditioning in this fun and exhilarating workout. You'll learn basic boxing movements, flow and tempo from Olympic-level boxing coach Cary Williams while pushing your way through high-intensity drills. No gloves are required! Just bring your can-do attitude and fighting spirit!


  • Training Techniques

Movement Made Better Workout, Powered by Stick Mobility

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 201 • Workout

Presented by Dennis Dunphy Neal Valera

Experience a workout designed to help you feel and move better than before you engaged in this restorative session. This unique workout combines joint mobilization, strength training and deep fascial stretching to improve mobility, stability and strength. Walk away invigorated and refreshed. 


  • Group Exercise


July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 203 • Workout

Presented by Ellen de Werd

Ever wish you just loved yoga? WARRIOR Rhythm™ creates a bridge between classic group exercise and traditional yoga to help you do just that. With its rebel vibe, edgy music and sweaty flows, this approach will rebalance your world! Rework mindfulness, yoga, weightlifting and HIIT into an extraordinary experience your students will crave. Grab a yoga mat and weights and prepare yourself to discover our unconventional style and unforgettable playlists custom designed to unleash your students’ inner warrior! 


  • Training Techniques

Balance Training: The Hardest Exercises You're NOT Doing by NASM

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 204 • Workout

Presented by Rick Richey, DHSc

Whether you're an athlete or an octogenarian, balance training is a significant addition to training protocols. Its ability to help increase foot/ankle and hip stability and strength, as well as its applications to sport and life, makes it a valuable addition to every workout. However, balance training is often overlooked in application because it hasn't been thought of as challenging enough. Join 2022 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Rick Richey for an appropriately intense workout that will open your eyes to the many benefits—and challenges—of balance training. 


  • Training Groups

The IDEA Rookie Rumble

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 205 • Workout

Presented by Staci Alden

Are you new to IDEA events? If so, you'll want to join us for the IDEA Rookie Rumble! This high-energy session is designed for IDEA's newest friends to meet and connect with other fitness professionals through interactive workout games, drills and challenges. The IDEA team will also be there to give you an overview of the awesome weekend of education ahead and how to get the most out of every minute. 


  • Group Exercise

WERQ Dance Fitness

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 206 • Workout

Presented by Ruben Pereyra Haley Struxness

WERQ is a wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on pop and hip-hop music. With over 2,000 instructors in the United States, WERQ is expanding our inclusive community one sweaty body at a time. Experience WERQ with the creator, Haley Struxness, and WERQ choreographer and master trainer, Ruben Pereyra. Our mission is simple: Make the world happier via dance! Are you ready to WERQ?! 


  • Training Groups

Balanced Body® The Union of Strength and Mobility

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 207 • Workout

Presented by Nico Gonzalez Erika Quest

Experience the Balanced Body® training methodology. Train with purpose in this engaging workout that combines strength and mobility training into one balanced equation. Come away with innovative ideas using portable equipment and bodyweight training to bring back to your clients tomorrow! 


  • Specialized Equipment

Keiser: Global Rise and Race Ready

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 208 • Workout

Presented by Sergio Velasco

Let’s support and celebrate our diverse riding community. In this inspiring indoor cycling race workout, you will experience tips and techniques for connecting all the dots of a great ride. Cycling enthusiasts come from all backgrounds; inspiring them through various cues, languages and music is part of a whole ride and community experience. A great indoor cycling class is more than an activity on a bike; it is about the ride and honoring each rider’s style and needs. 


  • Specialized Equipment

Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Be the Superhero of the Story Master Class

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 210 • Workout

Presented by Abbie Appel Jenn Hogg, MA Mindy Mylrea Aimee Nicotera, MS Keli Roberts Jason Schneider Doris Thews Eric Thomson, MS

Join industry icons in an exciting, off-the-charts experience delivered as a 45-minute ride with the Schwinn Master Trainer Team! You don’t want to miss this party! 


  • Training Groups

Get CinderFit!: Full-Body Functional Fitness

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 211 • Workout

Presented by Felipe Azenha Sierra Carter

Born during the lockdown when fitness equipment was scarce and gyms were closed, CinderFit offers a challenging and fun way to train and rehab. Join the company’s co-founder Felipe Azenha and head coach Sierra Carter to experience using the CinderFit block for group fitness, one-on-one training and physical therapy. You can incorporate CinderFit blocks into different modalities, including HIIT, strength and conditioning, Pilates, yoga, mobility and more.


  • Training Groups

The WaterRower® Games™

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 213 • Workout

Presented by SGT Ken Weichert

The WaterRower® Games™ with SGT Ken® is an exciting multi-event athletic challenge using a unique combination of calisthenics and rowing races for live or virtual environments! Crews of four each endure several stations of strength and stamina drills for 60 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of recovery. Repetitions and meters achieved are added during the recovery periods and totaled at the end of the games. Compete to win gold, silver and bronze medals!


  • Mind-Body

Power Couple: A Yogi Meets a Ballerina

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 214 • Workout

Presented by Siri Chilazi, MBA

The fusion of robust and empowering yoga with the posture and grace of a dancer makes for the ultimate movement power couple. Students consistently request the workout where they experience more than one type of fitness without living in the studio. In this workout, learn to combine the best of flexibility and breath with the incredible barre sequencing students love. Walk away with an easy-to-follow format you can easily teach on Monday. 


  • Yoga

Power Vinyasa for All Levels

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 215 • Workout

Presented by Zac Armstrong

Start your conference on the right foot with a power vinyasa flow workout. This challenging but accessible flow-style class is appropriate for all levels, from novices to experts, and will prepare you to handle all the unique experiences that await you. 


  • Training Groups
  • ACE Mover Academy

From the Lab to the Gym: The Fan-Favorite Workout Built by Science

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 216 • Workout

Presented by Michelle Leachman, MS

Over the years, ACE-sponsored research has identified the most effective and popular exercises. During this engaging session, you'll learn what these exercises are and how to incorporate them into client programs. Walk away having experienced a head-to-toe workout that brings science from the lab into the gym. Co-sponsored by the Women In Fitness Association (WIFA).


  • Training Groups

Dynamax SLOG Sports and Med Ball Mash-up™

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 230 • Workshop

Presented by SGT Ken Weichert

Dynamax SLOG Sports and Med Ball Mash-up™ with SGT Ken® is a fiercely fun team-driven tactical fitness circuit utilizing the 50-pound SLOG (Soft Log) and the 14-inch diameter soft-shell medicine ball. What is a SLOG? Imagine a strength training log you can lift, flip, throw, carry, strike, drag, jump on and slam. In this workshop, you'll learn to perform a progressive series of heavy log movements and medicine ball mobility drills for as many reps as possible (AMRAP). You'll take home the ability to create movement experiences that keep clients and students returning for more. It's time to challenge your limits instead of limiting your challenges! 


  • Mind-Body

STOTT PILATES® Functional Towel Workout

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 231 • Workshop

Presented by Carol Earle

The STOTT PILATES® functional towel workout is the ideal program for active and on-the-go people. Learn to teach this straightforward, easy-to-follow routine that requires minimal time and equipment yet yields maximal results. The Conditioning Towel provides the proper support and stability to optimize core activation, increase strength and improve joint range of motion. If you want to help clients enhance their performance in sports and activities of daily life, this session is for you.


  • Specific Populations

Improve Balance and Prevent Falls in Older Adults

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 232 • Workshop

Presented by Cody Sipe, PhD

Falls are a serious threat to older adults and can lead to hip fracture, traumatic brain injury, disability, nursing home admission and even death. This session will explain critical concepts for balance training and feature evidence-based fall prevention assessments, exercises and programs. We will give specific attention to clients at elevated risk or that have a history of falling, including those with selected chronic conditions. You'll leave with many exercises to enhance balance and mobility that you can adjust to different ability levels. 


  • Training Techniques

ViPR PRO® Odd Position Strength: How to Become Unbreakable

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 233 • Workshop

Presented by Michol Dalcourt

If a farm kid were to wrestle a gym kid, and you were a betting person, who would you put your money on? Who is stronger? These questions are at the heart of this workshop on odd position strength training (OPST). In this workshop, learn the neural and mechanical benefits of performing odd position strength work. You'll discover how off-the-mid-line, asymmetrically oriented and varied speed and load positions will help tissue remold more effectively for strength, power and stability. 


  • Training Science

Balanced Body® Moving Fascia

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 234 • Workshop

Presented by Helen Vanderburg

Fascia science has been evolving rapidly over the last several years. Review the latest insights into how fascia influences movement and learn exercises and strategies for bringing fascia to life for your clients. In this workshop, we will focus on understanding the structure and function of fascia as it relates to gliding, elastic recoil and movement continuity. Understand what training fascia might mean and how we can use it to optimize physical potential. 


  • Mind-Body

5 Sensations of Functional Fitness with Nia Technique®

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 235 • Workshop

Presented by Debbie Rosas

Nia offers a somatic approach to understanding functional fitness from the inside out, guided by five distinct sensations: Flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability (FAMSS). In this workshop, you’ll learn to cultivate “Sensory IQ” that will teach you and your clients to listen to the body from the inside out for improved balance, strength and agility. The result is a body that can safely and confidently meet the demands of an active, vital life. 


  • Business & Professional Development

Virtual Meets IRL: The Ultimate Fitness Mash-Up

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 236 • Workshop

Presented by Tricia Murphy Madden

Whether you are looking to launch a video-on-demand or live stream service—or a hybrid of the two—this workshop will help you establish your business goals and launch the perfect virtual solution. This course will provide you with technical solutions, programming strategies, staffing requirements, budgeting and marketing ideas for either starting or revamping your virtual experiences. 


  • Specialized Equipment

Schwinn® Cycling: Prime Design 2.0—Programming Like a Pro

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 238 • Workshop

Presented by Keli Roberts Jason Schneider

Riders want results, and Schwinn knows how to get them. When you simplify your class designs and program like a personal trainer, you work smarter, and your riders get stronger. K.I.S.S. the class design blues away and learn how to create ride profiles in a way that allows you to track, progress and program like a pro with turnkey programming software from Intelligent Cycling. Get more mileage out of your class designs and show your riders how much stronger they have become. 


  • Group Exercise

Cue, Coach, Connect

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 239 • Workshop

Presented by Abbie Appel

As fitness professionals, we all want to pack the room and have a waiting list of clients. Learn a succinct cuing hierarchy to get everyone in your room to move more efficiently, feel the exercises where they want and have a better class experience every time. In this session, we use practical applications to discover the art of communicating verbally and visually. You'll become more aware of your style and behaviors and learn proven techniques to become an expert communicator. 


  • Mind-Body


July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 240 • Workshop

Presented by Stacey Lei Krauss

CARDIO YOGA is not simply yoga sped up; it’s innovative fitness blended with potent yogic philosophy. Based on scientific “power posturing” and rhythmic drills, this practice is perfect for fitness fans who “can’t slow down” for yoga and for yogis who need to mix more cardio into their wellness routines. This series must be experienced to be fully understood. 


  • Nutrition & Behavior Change

Aligning Diet and Exercise to Maximize Results

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 241 • Lecture

Presented by Fabio Comana, MA, MS

Physical transformations require modifications to diet and exercise, but the selected dietary intervention(s) only sometimes optimally align with exercise regimens, which may diminish success potential. This course will review the energy pathways and how macronutrients support exercise intensity and duration. We will then examine various popular dietary interventions, briefly review some pros and cons and then discuss exercise recommendations and modifications for each diet type.


  • Training Techniques

From Intake to Application: Turning Information Into a Training Program

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 242 • Lecture

Presented by Gini Grimsley, MS

While gathering pages of information during a new client intake consultation is common practice, knowing what to do with that information is sometimes obscure. This session will cover the basics of a proper client intake and how to use that information to build a well-tailored training program. From PAR-Q to health history to movement screening, learn how to transform intake data into quality programs that address the whole client. 


  • Specific Populations

Training Youth in 2023

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 243 • Lecture

Presented by John Bauer

Plenty has changed since we were all kids, and different distractions hold their attention. This lecture focuses on the aspects of adolescence that distract kids and how fitness professionals can effectively engage with and train young people. We will talk about what has changed in everyday life over the last several decades and how that information correlates with the trends that show children becoming less physically active and more likely to be overweight and unhealthy. 


  • Training Techniques

Creative Core Moves with Small Balls by NASM

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 244 • Workshop

Presented by Angie Miller, MS, LCMHC

Small balls are a light, versatile training tool designed for clients of all ages and abilities and are a great addition to one-on-one, small-group and large-group training sessions. They help build body awareness by increasing balance challenges and dynamically stabilizing and strengthening the core. Come to this workshop to learn small ball core moves that build in intensity and complexity and can be mixed and matched for endless variety. You'll learn creative cuing techniques and modifications that make these moves a perfect addition to any training protocol. 


  • Training Science

Barospine® Functional Fusions

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 245 • Workshop

Presented by Leslee Bender

In this session, experience how and why it is crucial to combine a fusion of specific flexibility, mobility and proprioceptive training for a functional program utilizing the BaroCurve™ and Spark Mat™. You will leave with new and innovative exercises and strategies that leverage the fascial lines, gravity and planes of motion while increasing vestibular system function. 


  • Business & Professional Development
  • ACE Mover Academy

Creating a Personal Brand

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 246 • Workshop

Presented by Sarah Beavins, MS Rick Gray

Every fitness professional needs an online presence today, and that online presence needs to represent their brand. However, most fitness professionals still need to define that brand. This practical workshop will teach you why a personal brand is vital to attract business and build a healthier bottom line. You will head home with a creative brief and a clear perspective on building and supporting that brand through your online presence. 


  • Group Exercise

Vocal Strain, Hoarseness and Nodules, Oh My!

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 247 • Lecture

Presented by Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, MS Noël Nocciolo

Are you one of the many coaches who have lost your voice or noticed vocal changes after teaching? These may be signs of an existing or impending vocal injury, which can lead to loss of income. Compelling data shows that fit pros are at an increased risk of career-altering vocal injuries but being proactive now is better than needing to be reactive later. In this interactive lecture, we'll discuss the symptoms and causes of vocal injuries. You'll leave with straightforward self-care tools to start implementing today to keep your voice serving you and your community for decades. 


  • Training Groups

Fit By Numbers: Simple Outlines for Small-Group Training

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 248 • Workshop

Presented by Andrew Gavigan

In this hands-on session, you will experience four unique, short workouts that you can easily plug into small-group training plans to help all participants meet their short- and long-term goals. Using fun but simple outlines—all based on unique rep or time patterns—we can keep our clients engaged and excited for the long term. We will also discuss basic human behavioral concepts and how to implement them for maximal exercise adherence. 


  • Training Groups

Bodyweight Blast

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 249 • Workshop

Presented by Krista Popowych

We all know that the best piece of equipment is your body. This equipment-free session provides the perfect combination of functional strength and evolved training to amp up any workout. Interactive, totally fun and packed with great ideas, you will learn to develop workouts perfect for small or large groups. Bodyweight Blast is truly a do-anywhere, do-anytime workout for anyone! 


  • Training Science

Identifying and Correcting Functional Compensations Through Objective Testing

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 250 • Lecture

Presented by Daniel Stewart, DPT

Client asymmetries and problematic movement patterns impact client success regardless of their goals. Assessing those issues and offering solutions to improve them can be a challenge. In this session, you will get a deeper understanding of compensation patterns and how to spot them easily through visual observation and muscle testing. From there, you'll learn how to use that data to build informed and effective programs that improve compensation patterns. 


  • Specific Populations

Beating the Odds: Reshaping Special Population Exercise

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 280 • Workshop

Presented by Ruben Pereyra

Are you a trainer who specializes in working with individuals aged 55+? Join senior fitness specialist Ruben, who will show you unique ways to create your signature class for independent, assisted and memory-care individuals. Whether the focus is strength, balance, cardiovascular or flexibility training, you will get the tools needed to build a practical signature class for all. 


  • Training Groups

Advanced Functional Programming

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 281 • Workshop

Presented by Aaron “Az” Laurence Fraser Quelch

Create impactful and individualized training experiences that will take your participants to the next level. This session explores how to manipulate important exercise and training variables while integrating critical programming considerations to provide the most targeted and effective client sessions. 


  • Training Science

All About The Ankle: Function and Mobility

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 282 • Workshop

Presented by Emily Splichal, DPM

From dorsiflexion to plantarflexion, the ankle joint dictates how we load and transfer energy when we walk, run or jump. Join functional podiatrist Dr. Emily as she explores the ankle joint complex and some of the most common compensation patterns observed in the client. In this dynamic session, you’ll learn how to assess, mobilize and improve ankle joint function. 


  • Group Exercise

Standout Signature Programming in 5 Easy Steps

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 283 • Workshop

Presented by Amanda Young, LMSW, MEd

You are unique and creating a signature class will set you apart from the rest! In this session, you will learn five steps to help you harness your strengths and creativity and build an authentic class. Discover the extraordinary talents that will have participants lining up outside the studio every time you teach and help you position yourself for success! 


  • Training Groups

Bodyweight Boot Camp

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 284 • Workshop

Presented by Mindy Mylrea

Using the best tool you own—your body—you will experience a boot camp like no other. Mindy is the best at creating super-cool creative, challenging and off-the-chart skills and drills for any boot camp held anywhere. Enjoy an interval workout that is an explosion for the sweat glands and go home with endless ideas to create addictive bodyweight boot camp workouts in any setting. 


  • Training Science

Applying Anatomy and Breath to Core Power

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 285 • Workshop

Presented by Beverly Hosford, MA

Most abdominal muscles are breathing muscles, and all muscles of respiration impact the core. Explore the location and function of these muscles to enhance body awareness and strength. We'll then discuss how to cue clients to breathe more effectively. Experience a hands-on journey around the pelvis, vertebrae, rib cage and surrounding structures to enhance your connection to this region for improved core function. 


  • Group Exercise

Functional Bodyweight Training

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 286 • Workshop

Presented by Alessandro Pisanu

Brought to you from Italy, this dynamic and fresh workshop will show you how to build fun and practical functional bodyweight classes choreographed to music. You’ll learn the strategy behind this innovative program and experience firsthand the power of a strength-building functional flow workout set to your favorite beats. Do it the Italian way! 


  • Mind-Body

BEYBarre for ALL Bodies

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 287 • Workshop

Presented by Jenn Hall, MEd

Channel your inner Beyonce with this unique barre session set to her music and led by one of her original "backup babes." Learn to incorporate strategies into your barre classes that make every participant—regardless of body type or fitness level—feel like a winner. This session will explore standing, chair and floor work focused on muscle endurance, agility and flexibility designed in a manner suitable for all bodies and is, above all else, fun! 


  • Specialized Equipment

Keiser: TEAM Trifecta: Together Each Achieves More

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 288 • Workshop

Presented by Krista Popowych Sergio Velasco Shana Verstegen

Join Krista, Sergio and Shana for a team ride that will inspire and motivate you. You'll ride through various terrains using technology for added incentive and fun. You'll learn how to incorporate drills that add challenge and energy while experiencing the unique teaching style of our award-winning trainers. Learn to create team-based rides where your participants achieve more together. Are you ready to join our trifecta? 


  • Training Science

EMBORING® Exercise for Back Pain Prevention

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 290 • Workshop

Presented by Marc Coronel Suhee Ryu, PhD

Low-back pain is common among the general population and can become a limiting factor in client success. In this session, you will learn how the kinetic chain plays a critical role in low-back function and how self-massage can help relieve pain. You'll leave with various quick and easy strategies you can implement in client programs to improve low-back function and help them get back to enjoying the activities they love. 


  • Training Science

Thoracic Spine and Scapulae: A Guide to Proper Form and Injury Prevention Strategies

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 291 • Workshop

Presented by Fabio Comana, MA, MS

The thoracic spine and scapulohumeral region impact movement within the upper extremity and influence the entire human movement system. This session discusses and reviews key kinesiological concepts of these regions to help you better understand functional movement. Learn how to identify proper versus dysfunctional movement and implement essential corrective exercise techniques to help prevent injury and improve overall movement efficiency.


  • Specialized Equipment

Anchors Away: Resistance and Rowing™

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 292 • Workshop

Presented by SGT Ken Weichert

Anchors Away™ with SGT Ken® is a creative combination of calisthenics and rowing drills designed to deliver an extraordinary experience and rapid response like never before! Anchors Away™ shows how to effectively operate the WaterRower machine as a multi-station home gym while also simulating the dynamics of rowing a boat!


  • Training Techniques

The Frightening Facts Behind Sedentary Behaviors by NASM

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 293 • Lecture

Presented by Rick Richey, DHSc

Sitting is not quite the new smoking, but sedentary lifestyles and smoking have much in common regarding morbidity and early mortality. Research shows that being sedentary throughout the day is so bad for you that even a daily hour-long workout won’t save you from many chronic diseases if you are inactive for the other 23 hours! In this session, we will review the research on being sedentary and how lifestyle changes beyond—and sometimes instead of—an hour in the gym can help save so many of our clients, family and loved ones from pathologies rooted in being rooted to our chairs. 


  • Business & Professional Development
  • ACE Mover Academy

Creating a Community by Expanding Your Services

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 294 • Lecture

Presented by Michelle Leachman, MS

When was the last time you assessed your offerings and whether they suit your clients and community? You might be missing an opportunity to grow your business. In this session, you'll learn to leverage technology and communication to understand better what your clients look for and how to serve them best. You can then update your offerings to ensure their needs are satisfied. Not only will you build stronger, more loyal client relationships, but you'll also create opportunities to attract new business.


  • Training Science

Arthritis Exercise: Myths, Movement and Mobility

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 295 • Lecture

Presented by Christine Conti, MEd

It's time to debunk myths surrounding arthritis and exercise and learn the best ways to relieve and reduce arthritis pain while improving overall health and wellness. In this session, you'll understand safe and appropriate exercises for the arthritic client to help them move and feel better. You'll develop the skills to assess an arthritic client before, during and after an exercise program and know when to adjust your plan. Walk away from this session with the confidence and know-how to help this population that can significantly benefit from your support and expertise.


  • Mind-Body

Pilates Mat Regression Cuing

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 296 • Workshop

Presented by JiSook Moon

Possessing the ability to provide Pilates instruction to participants of various skill levels offers an opportunity to help more people at once. Sometimes, all it takes is simple adjustments to your cues, body placement and use of props to change the intensity of a movement. This session will provide practical strategies to ensure that all participants—from the novice exerciser to the seasoned Pilates enthusiast—feel appropriately challenged. 


  • Mind-Body

The Power of Props for Both Challenge & Support

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 297 • Workshop

Presented by Tamara Teragawa

Instead of using props such as blocks, straps and bolsters as a crutch, they can be incredible tools to bring in added support that results in greater depth and alignment or inspires more challenge. This session will help you feel more confident incorporating props into your yoga sessions and how to use them to increase challenge and intensity. It will also help you decrease the stigma some students feel when reaching for blocks or straps to support their practice. 


  • Nutrition & Behavior Change

How to Maximize Exercise Performance and Recovery With Protein

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 298 • Lecture

Presented by Samantha Clayton Michelle Ricker, RDN Dana Ryan, PhD

Recovery is a popular topic that usually focuses on rest or protocols like cryotherapy or myofascial release. However, nutrition can also have a significant impact on exercise recovery. But what protocols are best? From nutrient timing to protein types, there are many ways to maximize recovery and performance, but what does the science say? Is there an ideal protein type, amount or time to take it, and how do carbohydrates fit into the process? This session will dive deep into the current research and generally accepted practices to discuss what nutrition strategies maximize performance. 


  • Business & Professional Development

The Science of Bias and How to Build Stronger Client Connections

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 299 • Lecture

Presented by Kellie Walters, PhD

This session will cover the most recent research on biases held by fitness professionals, e.g., biases based on age, gender and ability status, and how this influences the impact we have on our clients. You'll leave with a better grasp on recognizing your own bias, so you can improve your connection to clients and students and, ultimately, boost retention and sales. 


  • Training Techniques

The Glute-Gait Connection

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 300 • Workshop

Presented by Farel Hruska

Healthy glutes contribute to a healthy gait. Stabilizing the pelvic complex profoundly affects stability and balance in walking and running patterns. Learn why this matters, how it affects your ability to walk and run and exercises that will maximize the health and effectiveness of your gait. 


  • Mind-Body

WARRIOR Rhythm: Secrets to Successful Students

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 301 • Workshop

Presented by Ellen de Werd

Ever wish you just loved yoga? WARRIOR Rhythm™ creates a bridge between classic group exercise and traditional yoga to help you do just that. With its rebel vibe, edgy music and sweaty flows, this approach will rebalance your world! Rework mindfulness, yoga, weightlifting and HIIT into an extraordinary experience your students will crave. Grab a yoga mat and weights and prepare yourself to discover our unconventional style and unforgettable playlists custom designed to unleash your students’ inner warrior! 


Chain Reaction Biomechanics 101: How to Problem Solve Movement Pain

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 302 • Lecture

Presented by Michael Hughes

Movement therapeutics is not a skill reserved for physical therapists. In this presentation, Michael Hughes, founder and CEO of Gymnazo EDU, will break down some of the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the body and give you strategies for identifying and reverse engineering the root causes of your clients’ pains. Understanding how to problem-solve movement-related pain is the number-one skill that will set you apart from every other trainer and contribute to significant business growth. 


  • Specialized Equipment

BeatBoss™ : Safe and Effective Upper-Body Movement on the Bike

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 303 • Workshop

Presented by Andrea Austin Robert Leadley

Including upper-body movements in indoor cycling classes can turn a traditionally lower-body-focused ride into a full-body workout. But is it safe to do so? Learn how BeatBoss™ Indoor Biking has cracked the code on bringing safety, science and upper-body movement together on an indoor cycle bike, all to the music's driving beat! All levels are welcome!


  • Training Science

Mobilization to Reduce Back Pain

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 320 • Workshop

Presented by Chuck Wolf, MS

Repetitive movements do not cause overuse injuries; they stem from limited movement from the "big movement rocks," the foot/ankle complex, hips and thoracic spine. Learn how to assess and mobilize these critical regions to reduce the compensations in commonly overused areas that result in injury—specifically to the low back, knees and shoulders. This session will develop strategies to train the big movement rocks to gain stability and mobility.


  • Training Groups

Next Level Elastic Resistance

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 321 • Workshop

Presented by Shana Verstegen

This session will open your eyes to elastic resistance techniques you’ve never imagined! Capitalize on the unique capabilities of strength bands to supply variable resistance and full body activation at high movement speeds at any angle for every element of your workout. 


  • Mind-Body

STOTT PILATES® Mini Stability Ball™ Workout

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 322 • Workshop

Presented by Carol Earle

Brighten your client's workouts and help them feel more energized with the Mini Stability Ball™! This Pilates workout incorporates the 7.5" Mini Stability Ball to create total-body strengthening and conditioning. Exercises work on improving posture with a significant focus on core stability and back mobility while also lengthening and strengthening the surrounding muscles. Keeping the elements of the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles in mind, learn how to add variety and fun to traditional matwork routines. 


  • Training Techniques

The No-Stretch Stretching Revolution

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 323 • Workshop

Presented by Sadie Nardini

Learn what meta-studies say about the effectiveness of static stretches. Then, understand and experience Sadie's Top 10 Somatic Flexibility Technique® moves you can seamlessly import into any fitness or movement class. You'll help create faster and long-lasting flexibility in your clients in just a few minutes by working with and retraining the brain instead of just the muscles. 


  • Training Techniques

12 Techniques to Overload and Build Muscle for Movement

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 324 • Workshop

Presented by Peter Twist, MSc

In this highly experiential learn-by-doing workshop, you'll discover 12 techniques to overload muscle tissue and stimulate strength and hypertrophy. We'll also review the eight muscle functions to maximize your ability to create impactful muscle-building programs! Join Coach Twist while he trains you through 30 patterns you can integrate into client training plans on Monday


  • Specific Populations

Balanced Body ® Super Agers

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 325 • Workshop

Presented by Erika Quest

The 60+ demographic continues to grow, and their training needs are varied. Are you equipped to train this diverse client group? In this workshop, we will discuss the aging market and how to adapt their exercise programming to meet the needs of what we now call "the super-agers." These active agers want to maintain function, fitness and fun. Learn how you can successfully meet the needs of this vibrant group of clients! 


  • Group Exercise


July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 326 • Workshop

Presented by Tasha Edwards, MS

Join a movement experience complete with heart-pumping and foot-stomping music that fuses dance, yoga and strength exercises; the only piece of equipment you need is your body. You'll learn to develop unique, seamless and unforgettable fusion classes that will become the featured attraction in your gym or studio. 


  • Training Science

BODYMAP®: Rehabilitation Training for Lumbar Disease

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 327 • Workshop

Presented by Hakjoo Lee, DC

Lumbar spine disorders like stenosis, facet joint syndrome and disc herniation are common. In this session, you will learn common causes of these lumbar spine disorders and low-back pain. We'll then cover cuing and programming methods to implement into client training programs to improve lumbar spine alignment and reduce low-back pain and strain. 


  • Specialized Equipment

Schwinn® Cycling: Polishing Diamonds—How to Level up Your Cycling Coaching

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 329 • Workshop

Presented by Robert Sherman Helen Vanderburg

The foundation of a great cycling program is masterful coaches. Talented instructors need to be polished to bring out their full luster. Schwinn, the leader in cycling education, has developed comprehensive evaluation tools, tried-and-true teach-back techniques and user-friendly feedback forums that help instructors adapt to a coaching mindset to move from good to great. 


  • Group Exercise

Strong on the Step

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 330 • Workshop

Presented by Siri Chilazi, MBA

Experience everything you love about step aerobics, plus seamlessly integrated bodyweight high-intensity training. This session alternates between classic aerobic step combinations and high-intensity anaerobic intervals, giving you a dynamite total-body workout that leaves you smiling and dripping sweat. Learn to create and deliver this fresh, musical, choreographed, all-levels workout that will pack your classes every time! 


  • Training Science

Corrective Exercise for Group Training

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 331 • Workshop

Presented by Evan Osar, DC

Group exercise, boot camps and small-group training are here to stay. With increasing numbers of individuals joining virtual group training and returning to live workouts, there is a corresponding rise in exercise-related injuries. During this interactive workshop, you'll discover standard industry practices that cause and perpetuate injuries. You'll find an easy way to sneak in assessment and corrective exercises to address common muscle and joint issues. Your newfound skills will attract more clients because you can provide what they need and marry it with what they want. 


  • Specialized Equipment

Row, Recover, Roll, Reach, Repeat™

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 332 • Workshop

Presented by SGT Ken Weichert

Row, Recover, Roll, Reach, Repeat™ with SGT Ken® is a blend of robust WaterRower races combined with yoga and foam rolling. Experience how specific strength and stability movements followed by myofascial release will expand your range of motion and create a climate of restoration, rejuvenation and physical resilience.


  • Specific Populations

Power Training for the Older Lifter

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 333 • Lecture

Presented by Zachary Mang, PhD

It is no secret that aging impacts muscle mass, strength, power and overall functional performance. Surprisingly, power experiences the fastest and most pronounced decrement with aging, which leads to negative consequences such as the increased risk of falls and all-cause mortality. In this session, you will learn how to tweak your older clients' resistance training programs to improve power output and ability to perform functional tasks. 


  • Training Techniques

If I Could Turn Back Time: Fix the Aging Foot

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 334 • Lecture

Presented by Stacey Lei Krauss

The aged foot has withstood impact, injuries and improper footwear; it's no surprise that seniors shuffle! The foot has a critical effect on the kinetic chain. When strategically addressed with simple techniques, you'll change how an individual moves through life! This session will show you how to turn back time on the aging foot with strategies to improve circulation, flexibility, strength and proprioception. Your clients will be forever grateful when you help them discover a new spring in their step. 


  • Business & Professional Development

Best Practices for Building a Successful One-on-One Virtual Training Business

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 335 • Lecture

Presented by Irene McCormick, MS

Meeting the evolving needs of today's fitness community means exploring a larger landscape and possibly going virtual! Virtual training is easy and convenient for many at-home exercisers and can offer an additional income stream. Offering digital services using today's technology requires some education, but it's easier than you think. A small investment may yield massive financial results. This session will explore platforms, costs, technology and everything you need to know to launch a successful and profitable virtual training business. 


  • Training Techniques

Build a Better Butt

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 336 • Workshop

Presented by Keli Roberts

This workshop goes beyond aesthetics to comprehensively review lower body function and how to enhance muscular strength endurance. Through interactive practical application, you will learn how to structure a program utilizing dumbbells, a loop band and Gliding Discs. Form follows function; get a better butt by building a better program! 


  • Training Science

Building Programs to Improve Function for Clients with Kyphosis

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 337 • Workshop

Presented by Candice Campbell, MS

Learn how to design comprehensive exercise programs to improve posture, prevent kyphosis and improve function for those with kyphosis. This session will review the anatomy of kyphosis and the associated problems of this common postural deviation, describe how we can assess the degree of structural change and then dive into exercises to improve function. You will have the chance to learn and try a variety of mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises that will address the specific needs of your clients, along with an explanation of when to use each method. 


  • Specific Populations
  • ACE Mover Academy

The Science of Aging and Exercise Programming for Active Adults Over 50

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 338 • Lecture

Presented by Anthony Wall, MS

For most people over 50, the top exercise goals are to remain independent, maintain or improve fitness levels and mental health and build strength. However, this population requires specific and unique demands to help them attain these goals. To do so effectively, fitness professionals must understand the roles exercise and physical activity play in reducing age-related illness and associated disabilities. This session will review the concepts of aging and provide strategies to build programming that meet the needs of the 50+ group. 


  • Training Science

Understanding How Muscle Impacts Gait, Balance and Stability: Implications for Trip and Slip Prevention

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 339 • Lecture

Presented by Jan Schroeder, PhD

Do you know how the structures of the body work together to support optimal gait and avoid falls? This dynamic session will explore the intricate mechanisms that impact forward movement and how you can help fall-prone clients walk with confidence. This session will also cover how to train your clients to prevent the most common types of falls: trips and slips.


  • Training Techniques

T2 FUSION TRAINER™: Master Time-Sensitive Training by T2FP

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 340 • Workshop

Presented by Marc Coronel

More isn't always better; better is better. With the T2 FUSION TRAINER™, you will reach and maintain target heart rates and achieve total body conditioning in record time. In this session, you will learn to level up your programming skills with several 10- to 15-minute full-body workouts that feature continuous movement. Learn to lead sessions where clients and students flow through exercises and training modes free-style or as repeatable choreography. 


  • Mind-Body

Modern Day Warriors: Experience the Ancient Benefits of Stances and Strikes

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 341 • Workshop

Presented by Annika Kahn, MA

Join us as we journey into the ancient wisdom and benefits of eastern martial arts and how to apply them to your group classes and training programs. In this workshop, you will learn and experience eight stances and strikes and how they impact anatomy and physiology. You'll then learn coaching, cuing and class design strategies that you can use to bring the benefits of strikes and stances to your community.


  • Training Groups

The Secrets of Success in Small-Group Training

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 342 • Lecture

Presented by Chris Stevenson

Small-group training is a rapidly growing profit center, and for a good reason. From a client's standpoint, it is fun, interactive, results-driven and cost-effective. From a personal trainer's standpoint, it is a great way to leverage time, increase income and ultimately help more people. This interactive session teaches how to create, market, sell and execute dynamic small-group training programs that keep clients coming back for more. Learn to easily implement tangible tips and tools that directly impact your small-group training services.