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ACE Mover Academy

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An education track to help you be the positive change-maker your community deserves.

ACE’s lineup of top speakers shares their strategies on how to get your community moving better, moving more and moving toward a higher quality of life.

This track is designed to give you the skills to help clients and students adopt sustainable behaviors that support improved health and happiness.

ACE Mover Academy Sessions Are:

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From the Lab to the Gym: The Fan-Favorite Workout Built by Science

July 13, 2023 7:30am • Session 216 • Workout

Presented by Michelle Leachman, MS

Over the years, ACE-sponsored research has identified the most effective and popular exercises. During this engaging session, you'll learn what these exercises are and how to incorporate them into client programs. Walk away having experienced a head-to-toe workout that brings science from the lab into the gym. 


  • Business & Professional Development
  • ACE Mover Academy

Creating a Personal Brand

July 13, 2023 8:35am • Session 246 • Lecture

Presented by ACE Faculty

Every fitness professional needs an online presence today, and that online presence needs to represent their brand. However, most fitness professionals still need to define that brand. This practical workshop will teach you why a personal brand is vital to attract business and build a healthier bottom line. You will head home with a creative brief and a clear perspective on building and supporting that brand through your online presence. 


  • Business & Professional Development
  • ACE Mover Academy

Creating a Community by Expanding Your Services

July 13, 2023 1:45pm • Session 294 • Lecture

Presented by Michelle Leachman, MS

When was the last time you assessed your offerings and whether they suit your clients and community? You might be missing an opportunity to grow your business. In this session, you'll learn to leverage technology and communication to understand better what your clients look for and how to serve them best. You can then update your offerings to ensure their needs are satisfied. Not only will you build stronger, more loyal client relationships, but you'll also create opportunities to attract new business.


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The Science of Aging and Exercise Programming for Active Adults Over 50

July 13, 2023 3:55pm • Session 338 • Lecture

Presented by Anthony Wall, MS

For most people over 50, the top exercise goals are to remain independent, maintain or improve fitness levels and mental health and build strength. However, this population requires specific and unique demands to help them attain these goals. To do so effectively, fitness professionals must understand the roles exercise and physical activity play in reducing age-related illness and associated disabilities. This session will review the concepts of aging and provide strategies to build programming that meet the needs of the 50+ group. 


  • Training Science
  • ACE Mover Academy

The Physiology of High Intensity Functional Training

July 15, 2023 7:30am • Session 615 • Lecture

Presented by Len Kravitz, PhD Jessica Smith, MS

High-intensity functional training (HIFT) is a unique exercise training program that emphasizes easily modifiable functional and multi-joint movements designed to elicit superior muscle recruitment and fitness benefits. You'll learn this new training modality's physiological and metabolic effects and walk away with eight creative HIFT workouts based on original research. 


  • Nutrition & Behavior Change
  • ACE Mover Academy

Decoding and Dismissing Diet Culture

July 15, 2023 9:40am • Session 660 • Lecture

Presented by Erin Nitschke, EdD

Diet culture is loud. Diet culture is pervasive. Diet culture is everywhere, and it is powerful. Unfortunately, it is a culture that is influential in all the ways we wish it weren't. But we can change that. In this session, we will examine popular diet culture messages and their impact on our clients and us. We will discuss how to adopt different language choices surrounding food and nutrition and what you can do to help others develop positive associations with food and their bodies. 


  • Business & Professional Development
  • ACE Mover Academy

Adapting Your Services to the Fitness Technology Revolution

July 15, 2023 4:40pm • Session 757 • Lecture

Presented by Lauren Shroyer, MS

Amid the rush to buy on-demand fitness technology to replicate the gym experience, there is a continuity gap you can fill. Regardless of how high-end the service is, it can't replace the individualized touch of human-to-human interaction. Instead of pushing back on the fitness technology boom, learn to use it to enhance client success potential and boost business. This session will show you how to provide tech-enabled fitness services, use technology to support sustainable behavior change and apply proper pricing and structure to your business. 


  • Nutrition & Behavior Change
  • ACE Mover Academy

The Willpower Myth: Why Willpower Ultimately Fails and What Works Instead

July 16, 2023 7:30am • Session 807 • Lecture

Presented by Robert Cappuccio

If you ask most people what it takes to achieve their health and wellness goals, one of the most common answers is "Willpower." Yet, the research shows that willpower is an ineffective long-term strategy for most. In this session, you'll learn why willpower is a faulty strategy for success. We'll discuss the transtheoretical model of change and how to use it to create a success map for clients. You'll also understand how to use story and the model of the meta-myth to help your client move beyond limiting self-narratives and leverage their strengths and resources to achieve sustainable change. 


  • Training Science
  • ACE Mover Academy

Common Knee Injuries: Keep Your Clients Active, Pain-Free and Praising Your Skills

July 16, 2023 9:35am • Session 832 • Workshop

Presented by Lauren Shroyer, MS

According to the Administration for Community Living, one in four adults suffers chronic knee pain. That's no surprise; knee biomechanics makes the joint especially vulnerable to chronic and acute injury. The good news is that exercise is recommended as a protocol to decrease this pain and improve quality of life. This session will explore common knee injuries and the similarities they share. You'll learn exercises and stretches that you can use to ensure pain-free programming. Finally, walk away with strategies to better connect with clients and coach them toward improved outcomes.