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Promotional Seminars

Increase your specialty knowledge by attending these Promotional Seminars. Add these seminars to your schedule during session selection or simply show up!

Promotional seminars are not part of IDEA education and do not qualify for CECs.

Improve Client Health and Transformations AND your Income!

July 14, 2023 12:00pm • Session PS491 • Promotional seminar

Presented by Douglas Grant

Improve your client's internal health, physical transformations and your passive income by determining their true health needs through objective blood and lab work. Learn how to recommend blood and lab work as a certified personal trainer using our easy-to-use system.

What’s Working Now: Facebook & Instagram Ads

July 14, 2023 12:00pm • Session PS490 • Promotional seminar

Presented by Charlie Horton

In this talk, Charlie will dive into what's working right now with Facebooks/insta ads in 2023: highlighting how to best generate traffic and provide higher quality leads and clients/members into your business.

Join the Hybrid Revolution to Expand Your Reach and Enhance Human Potential

July 15, 2023 12:00pm • Session PS691 • Promotional seminar

Presented by Rachael Babiracki Christine Conti, MEd Tricia Jefferson

Join IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year nominee Christine Conti and representatives from the leading digital-first fitness platform, Burnalong, to expand your fitness business and reach new participants. Burnalong provides immersive online classes, programming and personalized experiences that drive engagement and build a culture to maximize human potential. As a mission-driven company, we want to empower you to make a bigger impact and advance your career by sharing your content with a new audience seeking experts in your field. You bring the energy and professionalism, and we’ll provide you with one-of-a-kind marketing and revenue opportunities.

Posture and Alignment with Personal Training

July 15, 2023 12:00pm • Session PS690 • Promotional seminar

Presented by Patrick Mummy

Almost all workouts require good posture and alignment to maximize results while minimizing injury. However, it is difficult to assess our clients and ensure all participants are moving properly. Join our resident expert on posture, alignment and evaluation, Patrick Mummy, as he discusses the best coaching and cueing strategies for alignment and posture and how to do it effectively in personal training and a small group environment.