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Immunity: A Trend Worth Supporting

While it may not be getting the same COVID-19 notoriety as the word “pivot,” “immunity” has a spine—and it’s much more than just a keyword.


How can exercise upgrade immunity? Fitness professionals will be answering this and other health-related questions from clients in the New Year as strong immunity continues to be a vital fixture. Take your place on the front end of this wellness wave with help from IDEA, your main professional ally.

When you focus on helping clients and class participants boost their immunity through targeted programming, you also

  •         ensure they remain healthy and engaged (retention!)
  •         watch as they thrive and give you credit for their transformation
  •         help them enjoy the residual benefits that come from immune-boosting habits (better nutrition, more movement, etc.)
  •         gain more business as they become health and wellness advocates and spread the word about your expertise
  •         get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped people add natural defenses to their wellness arsenal.

You might take for granted that your clients already know the important connection between staying active and staying healthy, but now—more than ever—it’s important to package and deliver this message in a way that people will understand and implement. This is where IDEA members excel, and as a trusted fitness professional, you are well positioned to make a difference in your community’s health status (and you can rely on research).

 According to Simpson, et. al (2015), “Exercise has a profound effect on the normal functioning of the immune system.” This research review states that “single bouts of moderate-intensity exercise are immuno-enhancing,” which make your program and class designs more important!

 When your clients ask you why they need to move and lift more, share with them more information from this same review, which found that “improvements in immunity due to regular exercise … may be due to reductions in inflammation, maintenance of thymic mass, alterations in the composition of ‘older’ and ‘younger’ immune cells, enhanced immunosurveillance, and/or the amelioration of psychological stress.”

 Learn more about how to advocate exercise as a key to immunity, in addition to several other fact-based methods that upgrade health for a lifetime.

Arm Yourself with Immunity Information from IDEA:

Is Immunity the Secret to Reducing Muscle Soreness?

Anyone who has taken a break from working out knows the soreness that can occur when you return to training. Typically, that soreness isn’t nearly as severe after subsequent similar workouts. The reason has been something of a mystery; however, a new report offers a clue that may help us understand the phenomenon.

Boost Your Immune System

Immunity is more than a buzzword; it’s a gateway to a happier, healthier life. If you’re answering questions about vitamin D, zinc and elderberry juice, this infographic may come in handy. Share this information with clients, participants, friends and families so that a larger community shares the benefits of strong immunity.


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