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Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, director of the Pilates Center of Austin, is a pioneering voice for Pilates. From her start in yoga in the early 1970s, she plunged into Pilates in the early 1990s, studying with first-generation Pilates elders and developing a reputation as an important ÔÇ£teacher of teachers.ÔÇØ Find out more at pilatescenterofaustin.com.

Article Archive

The 3-Core BodyMapping Perspective

December 23, 2011

Over my 40 years of teaching, I have come to deeply appreciate the innate intelligence of the body. I have learned to listen to its messages. Out of this appreciation and listening I have developed the 3-Core BodyMapping Perspective

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