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Tricia Schafer

Tricia Schafer, JD, is both an attorney and a certified personal fitness trainer. As the manager of Starting Now Fitness in Phoenix, Arizona, Tricia helps clients meet their fitness goals. As an attorney at Falbe Law PLLC, she counsels clients on reducing liability exposure and represents them in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
Certification: ACE

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Article Archive

The HIPAA Effect

November 9, 2012

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (42 United States Code § 1320d), which took effect nearly 10 years ago, has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry. Though HIPAA covers many areas, the privacy rule in particular is noteworthy.

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Where’s Your Data?

September 7, 2012

Suppose your fitness facility is served with a document request. This could come in a variety of contexts, ranging from a government audit to a sexual harassment investigation.

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Make Securing a Lawyer a Priority

June 1, 2012

While it’s tempting to use lawyers only when problems arise, it’s often wiser to proactively establish a relationship with a lawyer who can assist you with preventive measures. You may call your lawyer only once or twice a year, perhaps to get a legal perspective on an issue, but this is time and money well spent if it helps you avoid costly litigation.

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Bulletproof or Full of Loopholes?

April 3, 2012

When was the last time you reviewed the documents you require your facility’s clients to sign? What kind of impression are your contracts and liability releases making? Are you doing too much or too little?

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Strengthen Numbers and Stay Safe

January 30, 2012

Recently I had the opportunity to do some stealth field research. A local personal training facility hosted a “bring a friend” promotional week. My friend invited me and another guest to join her weekly 30-minute session.

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Reinventing Risk Management

November 21, 2011

As both a lawyer and a personal fitness trainer and manager, I have found that laws and regulations often seem incongruous with an industry built on endorphins. I suspect that’s why the topic “Legal Issues” tends to be the concluding chapter of certification textbooks—almost an afterthought. Aspiring fitness professionals get excited about VO2max studies, body fat testing and target heart rates, and it’s easy for them to assume that when a problem arises, someone else will take care of it.

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