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Tanya Colucci

Tanya Colucci, MS, is a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach for Synergy Training Solutions at TAVO Total Health in the Washington, DC, area. She teaches nationally and is a master instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Learn more at www.synergytrainingsolutions.com.

Article Archive

Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Personal Training Sessions

September 21, 2011

Teaching clients to calm their minds during movement is essential to helping them fight stress and achieve their wellness goals.

We must not underestimate how much our clients suffer from stress. Sure, it distracts them during training sessions, but it also infects every facet of their daily lives. Fortunately, time-tested yoga techniques for developing mindfulness and flow can help clients focus on their fitness goals and cope with stress outside the gym.

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Roll, Release, React: Prepare Class for Movement

March 23, 2011

squat jump

In recent years, self myofascial release (SMR) has become a hot topic. As more research comes out, we are learning how fascial restrictions affect and influence movement. Taking group fitness participants through SMR techniques in your warm-up may give them more freedom from joint stress and pain, and their recovery times may improve.

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