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Stephanie Vlach

Stephanie Vlach, MS, is a certified fitness professional with 17 years of experience. She has held numerous roles and positions within the industry. Currently, she is a group exercise instructor and freelance writer in the Chicago area. She can be reached at [email protected]

Article Archive

A Personal SWOT Analysis

September 26, 2013

As a Pilates instructor, you’re continually striving to enhance your clients’ well-being. But now and again, you must take some time to do a little soul-searching and assess what is best for you. What are your needs, wants, goals and aspirations? Maybe you’re ready to further your education or you’re eager to work with a new market.

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4 Tips For Expanding Your Group Exercise Resumé

September 10, 2013

Whether you are new to the fitness industry or are a veteran instructor, opportunity is knocking, and you don’t necessarily have to reinvent yourself. Focus on your current talents, strengths and expertise. Leverage your existing qualifications to boost earning potential and, ultimately, advance your career. This article will explore possibilities and help you get started.

1. Consider Less Traditional Facilities

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Expand Your Group Exercise Resumé

August 26, 2013

For group fitness instructors, the future is looking bright! “Employment of fitness trainers and instructors, is expected to grow by 24%” this decade, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Its report goes on to state, “As businesses and insurance organizations continue to recognize the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees, incentives to join gyms or other fitness facilities will increase the need for workers in these areas.”

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Use Subbing to Market Yourself

March 1, 2013

Almost every role and function within the fitness industry involves marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness director promoting a group exercise program, a manager preparing for a membership drive or a personal trainer attracting new clientele—baseline knowledge of marketing is vital.

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