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Shelby Spears

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green exercise

Health Benefits of Green Exercise

October 11, 2021

the proliferation of “green exercise” programming resulting from mandated gym closures during COVID-19 has been striking and, by many, welcomed. Like so many of the adaptations that have evolved during this era of pivots, exercising outside is likely here to stay and will give gym owners, fitness entrepreneurs and clients alike more options for creative programming moving forward. Fit pros can use these ideas to keep green exercise sessions fun, safe and productive.

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6 Reasons Why Nature May Be the Best Gym

May 12, 2017

Across the country, trainers are increasingly taking their clients outside.
From the trailheads of the San Francisco Bay Area to the boulders of Manhattan’s Central Park, more trainers and clients are lunging up hills, playing bear-crawl tag in the grass and soaking up the experience of exercising under open skies.

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