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Shaun Zetlin

For close to 15 years, Shaun has successfully run his own personal training & nutrition business in the New York City Metro area. In addition to instilling proper exercise and eating principles in his clients, Shaun also strives to educate others via: books, articles, instructional videos, lecture demonstrations, continuing education courses, and appearances on radio, podcasts, and television.

Article Archive

The Actor’s Guide to Personal Training

April 10, 2017

If you had told me 13 years ago that I would have a successful personal training business today, I wouldn’t have believed you! At the time, I had my heart set on becoming an actor. But even though I secured a modest number of stage and screen roles, personal training emerged as a compelling passion. And though I miss performing for others, I’ve come to realize that the skills and techniques I learned as an actor have become integral to the success of my training business.

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