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Phil Block

Phil Block, MS, is a university educator and corporate wellness consultant specializing in sports nutrition, power training, and muscular physiology. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate in exercise physiology at the University of New Mexico. Certification: AFAA

Article Archive

Tailoring Nutrient Intake to Exercise Goals

August 31, 2006

Techniques of exercise periodization for developing muscular fitness have been made popular by a growing body of research. Studies consistently demonstrate that periodization programs are among the most effective muscle-strengthening exercise protocols (Fleck 1999). Because of individual differences such as gender, muscle fiber percentages and genetics, no single periodization program sui…

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Exercise Order in Upper-Body Training

August 31, 2005

Exercise program designs are generally based on available research and applications of theoretical knowledge, but since numerous aspects of program design have not been thoroughly studied, the value of many common exercise practices is subject to debate. One such practice is the …

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The “Talk Test”

January 31, 2005

Aerobic exercise is a decisively important component of any fitness program. However, establishing and maintaining ideal exercise intensities for optimally safe and effective workouts can prove challenging for both exercisers and fitness professionals.
In designing cardiorespiratory exercise programs, it is meaningful to consider that many people engage in aerobic exercise to control…

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