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Peter Twist

"Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of TWIST Performance + Wellness™. He is an exercise physiologist who coached for 11 years in the NHL and is currently partnered with the China Olympic Committee to lead the training and rehabilitation of their summer and winter Olympic teams. His company operates franchised health centers in four countries, and offers health, fitness and sport certifications in 30 countries. Peter is the recipient of the 2010 IDEA Program Director of the Year award and the 2013 IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award. He is a passionate motivational speaker at corporate events and in 2015 was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Certification: NSCA"

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Article Archive

Take Your Training Outdoors

May 1, 2011

In our fast-paced, technology-filled lives, spending time outdoors has become a luxury. Ask most clients to reflect on their average day and they say, “Wake up, drive to the gym, drive to work, work all day, drive home, eat dinner, relax, work some more, sleep and start again.” Their greatest outdoor adventure comes from walking to and from their cars. It’s time for a change! Now is a great time for you to start an outdoor training program. Give clients a new challenge, a chance to benefit from fresh air and an opportunity to revitalize their spirit.

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Use Staff Retreats to Boost Teamwork, Profits

August 26, 2010

Your staff is a team. And the team consists of people in a variety of skilled positions needed to conduct your business and deliver on your brand promise. If your company is to thrive, economically and as a social group, it is vital to bring your staff along with you at every stage, building a healthy corporate culture by addressing the inevitable gaps that open up between your people and your corporate vision.

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Planning Successful Staff Retreats

June 17, 2010

How cohesive and harmonious is your workplace culture? Does your staff share a unified vision? Are employees on board with the systems you have in place? Do they know they have a voice in your organization? Would you say your company has soul?

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Expanding Your Business Borders

February 16, 2010

If you are looking to diversify your current training options, experience new cultures, explore other countries and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit, then you might want to consider working internationally.

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Smart Tips for Plyometric Training

April 23, 2009

Plyometrics—a type of movement involving the legs, core or upper extremities—uses a quick, eccentric-concentric phase to harness elastic muscle properties while using neural drive to increase the number of active motor units, thus netting explosive power and acceleration (Twist 2008).

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Plyometric Progressions for Athletes

March 4, 2009

Sport mimics life in that both are dynamic and ever-changing. Athletes are always preparing to meet the demands of their sport while also working to elevate their performance thresholds to new levels. In sports, as in most things in life, athletes need the ability to read and react in an
environment of organized chaos.

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Training Revenues: Creating Opportunities

February 1, 2008

In the first four articles of this five-part series, I introduced the success ingredients integral to quality growth. In this final Best Practices article I will discuss ways you can increase your income, whether you wish to remain strictly a trainer or prefer to expand into management/ownership.

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Personal Training: Servicing Your Market

January 29, 2008

Getting a solid start at servicing your market begins with every single interaction you and your staff have with prospective and existing customers. At Twist Conditioning, our customer service mantra is "Underpromise; overdeliver." We aspire to provide great quality, value and benefits. Although we do promise a lot, we avoid pledging more than we can realistically expect to deliver. …

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Evaluating Trainers

October 31, 2007

At Northwest Personal Training, we believe that constant personal growth is critical in order to continue to stimulate our team and keep them developing, both as trainers and as people. We feel that the moment they stop learning and growing is the moment they begin looking elsewher…

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Servicing Your Market

October 31, 2007

Getting a solid start at servicing your market begins with every single interaction you and your staff have with prospective and existing customers. At Twist Conditioning, o…

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Identifying, Understanding and Training Youth Athletes

August 31, 2007

Who will be the next Tiger Woods, Mia
Hamm, Michael Jordan or Venus
Williams? Many parents believe that,
given the right amount of training,
coaching and perseverance, it could be
their child. There is a certain mystique
about talented athletes, whether they are
amateur Olympians or professionals,
because of their sports mastery and the
skills they display. It is not an easy path…

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