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Margaret Root

I am an ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist. I work as a wellness coach, speaker, and writer from my home base at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona, CA. I have worked in the spa industry for over 25 years, teaching and offering workshops at premier spas across the country including Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate, Mexico, The Oaks at Ojai, Green Valley Spa, in St. George, Utah, and The Spa at Sea Island, Georgia. I love working with a variety of populations, but I particularly enjoy reaching out to inactive and specialty populations with the message that "One SIMPLE ACT OF WELLNESS is all it takes to make you feel like your Well-Self again!" Please connect with me about my fun and interactive wellness workshops (including titles such as "I Know What I Should Do! I Just Need to Do It!" "Walking Toward Wellness" and "Writing Toward Wellness") which are perfect for employee wellness programs, wellness days, and small group wellness get togethers.

Article Archive

Diverse group in fitness class

Fitness Class as Experience

June 30, 2021

Is your fitness class just a class, or is it an experience? People are ready to move and are seeking experiences that engage them on an emotional level.

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Water Fitness Magic: Method, Modeling and Music

December 19, 2017

Something magical happens when you mix exercise with water. The pool can transform physical activity into something more enjoyable, safe and effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. Buoyancy is a boon to individuals with musculoskeletal issues or other health considerations; it reduces the effects of gravity on weight-bearing joints and provides a supportive, low-impact environment for improving body composition, cardiorespiratory endurance, and muscular strength and flexibility, among other health parameters.

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9 Ways to Elevate the Group Fitness Experience

May 17, 2017

Think about all the feel-good experiences that compete with your group fitness classes: a fun night out on the town, quality time with family, a favorite Netflix series cued up after a stressful day at work. It’s no wonder half the beginners who start exercising drop out within the first 6 months (Wilson & Brookfield 2009)!

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Smooth Sailing Toward Specialization

August 19, 2014

When I noticed the trend toward specialization building in the fitness industry a few years ago, it struck me as the answer to the professional slump I was in. After teaching and training for more than 20 years, I had hit a wall. Specializing seemed to hold the promise that I could raise my training fees and enjoy a wider variety of professional opportunities.

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