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Matthew T. Stratton

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Protein Supplements: Which “Whey” to Go?

September 14, 2017

Fitness professionals working with enthusiastic resistance-training clients inevitably face questions about protein supplementation.
Protein supplements are some of the most common and most popular nutritional products on the market today (Pasiakos, Lieberman & McLellan 2014). But with all this abundance, it’s easy to get lost in the colorfully stocked shelves and become confused about which types to buy, when to use them and how much to take.

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5 Common Athletic-Performance Supplements: What’s the Evidence?

February 13, 2017

The nutritional–supplements industry brought in $32 billion in 2012, and sales are estimated to nearly double—to $60 billion—by 2021 (Lariviere 2013). This comes as no surprise to anyone who has walked into a supplement store to find walls lined with everything from multivitamins and fish oil pills to preworkout formulas and protein powders.

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