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Lance Breger, MS

Lance Breger, MS, is a personal trainer, speaker and writer who focuses on fitness, lifestyle and wellness. He co-founded the Infinity Wellness Foundation and trains hundreds of students in the Washington, DC, public school system. Breger is the head private trainer at MINT Fitness and presents at professional and educational events.  

Article Archive

Don’t Be That Manager: Micromanager

January 31, 2011

Many personal trainers are promoted to manager or director solely on the basis of their success as a trainer and not necessarily because of their management skills. Now it’s your turn: you are the new personal training manager.

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Don’t Be That Manager: Are You Invisible?

November 22, 2010

Many personal trainers are promoted to being the manager or director of their departments based solely on their success as trainers and not necessarily for their managerial attributes. Now it’s your turn: you are the new personal training manager. You’re finding out how different it is from being on the floor working with clients.

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Restoration and Relief

September 30, 2010

As your class completes its final repetition, you look out at the 30 mounds of trembling muscle and think, “Should I let them leave like this?” Of course not! Your students would be exiting in worse condition than when they entered if you didn’t spend some quality time bringing down their heart rates and stretching their warm muscles. If participants leave before the hour is up, they leave with much more than they bargained for—shortened muscles, overstimulated sympathetic nervous systems and elevated blood pressure, breath and heart rates.

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Social Circles: Market Your Department

May 26, 2010

Many fitness facilities have built a social media marketing presence, and some are doing a good job of keeping their “real estate” current and dynamic. But not many facilities can claim a multilevel, departmental approach. Why not establish a separate page on your website for the personal training department?

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Boot Camp Body Reboot

March 16, 2010

It’s 6:00 am Monday, and you are the drill sergeant of the toughest outdoor boot camp in the area. You spent all night dreaming up an hourlong workout that would make real soldiers cry. Now 15 anxious “recruits” stand before you awaiting their warm-up and your outdoor voice. How you begin this class will help determine your cadets’ performance, efficiency, safety and results.

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