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Kristine Clark

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food after fifty

August 31, 2004

In a 1984 snapshot taken as he crossed the finish line of a half marathon, 40-year-old Peter Larson looked “lean and mean” at 162 pounds. Now, 20 years later, Larson weighs in at 192 pounds. So what’s changed? For Larson, like millions of aging Baby Boomers who are losing the battle of the bulge, caloric intake no longer matches energy expenditure.

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vegetarian diets & exercise performance

May 31, 2004

According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the Dietitians of Canada, in the year 2000, 4 percent (%) of Canadian adults and 2.5% of the U.S. adult population consumed a vegetarian diet, defined as one that did not include meat, fish or fowl (ADA 2003). Slightly fewer than 1% said they followed an even stricter vegan diet, meaning they consumed no animal products at all (ADA 2003).

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Training Clients With Arthritis

January 31, 2004

With ArthritisBy Johndavid Maes and Len Kravitz, PhDLearning Objectives

After reading this article, readers should be able to:
Describe what arthritis is and the most common types.
Discuss the nationwide impact of this problem.
Describe the most common symptoms of this disease.
Discuss some of the myths and misunderstandings of arthritis.
State the appropriate exercise approach for those suffering from arthritis.


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Three Meals vs. Six Snacks

March 31, 2003

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Eating six small meals per day is better than eating three big ones.
In the interest of obesity prevention,

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Dietary Protein and Weight Loss

January 31, 2003

When it comes to weight loss these days, protein is the big nutrition buzzword. You’ve probably been asked about at least one of the several high-protein/low-carbohydrate (HPLC) diets in the last 2 years. The hype over them grows whenever someone announces that his weight loss was due to his eating whatever he wanted as long…

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