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Katalin Rodriguez Zamiar

Katalin Rodriguez Zamiar combines extensive fitness teaching experience with three martial arts black belts and 13 years in boxing. An international presenter with numerous fitness certifications, Zamiar is the writer and creator of FiTOUR’s National Kickboxing Certification and all kickboxing/martial arts programs for the College of Exercise Professionals. An IDEA presenter, she is also known for her seven “GI JABB Training” videos.

Article Archive

Kicking Around New Kickboxing Ideas

January 31, 2001

Experienced teachers know that class variety is one secret to long-term success and self-preservation. Teaching a wide repertoire of class modes—for instance, step, indoor cycling and kickboxing—can help prevent burnout and improve your teaching skills. Developing options within a mode—endurance cycling, mind-body ride and power spin, for example, or step interval, multiple step and advanced step—is also important.

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