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Karol Ward

Article Archive

Negative Beliefs Can Sabotage Client Goals

March 28, 2008

Negative thinking stems from internal beliefs formed over time or by a single event. Typical catalysts for the formation of these beliefs include messages from caregivers; a large trauma or a series of small traumas; and unrealistic images in the media. When negative thinking shows up in a client, it is usually because an external event in his current life has caused him to regress to an old…

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Motion and Emotion

February 28, 2007

“Michelle” was completing a movement on a Gyrotonic® tower, supervised one-on-one by her instructor. The exercise involved arching her upper back and shoulders. As Michelle finished the motion, she sat up and began to cry. Startled, her trainer first checked for injury; then, sure that Michelle was not hurt, the trainer stopped the session and took her into a ba…

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